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I realize this isnt IBD..but I have the worst Anxiety!!!

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am so scared of my health since Crohn's and even before then. I have bad health anxiety and cant control my thoughts. Now I think I have a brain tumor and Crohn's. I just can't deal with this anymore. I had a CT scan 6 weeks ago of my head and nothing showed up. Now my Crohn's is horrible....ugh and I have NO support. (except here) :)

While it is normal to have some anxiety, you say you 'can't control your thoughts'. That could be a sign of an anxiety disorder, or OCD. I really think you need to see a doctor about this. Your Crohn's is probably playing up because you are so anxious at the moment- it's a form of stress.


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Since I have been diagnosed, I have bad health anxiety, too. Any ache or pain I have, I think it is going to be something horrific. I agree it can be difficult to keep in check, but we have to try! Stress can only make things much worse.
I have been having abdominal pain almost daily and I was very concerned. But I had a lower bowel series, and though my GI didn't review it yet, the doctor who performed the exam said everything looked fine. So, I know I have to leave the dark thoughts behind and not obsess about it. Therefore, if you got a CT of your head and nothing showed up, you need to let it go. I know it can be difficult, but you will cause yourself more damage if you don't. And if you can't, as Rebecca said, you may be battling anxiety that you aren't able to control and you may need to take medication to help alleviate your stress.
Thanks girls. I know I am driving my husband crazy with all of this. I really love and appreciate this forum and everyone on it.



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Oh, I drive my husband plenty crazy, too. And that is why I really try to keep myself in check. Who would want to hear about someone else's ailments 24/7. I know I can only talk to my grandmother for about 15 minutes before I go nuts. And I don't want to be the same way at 27 years old! So, we need to keep our minds under control. Of course, if you are really suffering that is different. But sometimes I find myself looking for something to worry about. That's just not healthy...
Hey Mary , I have suffered with health anxiety's for the last 5 years (before crohns) I always think the worse , name a disease and at some point i have convinced myself i have it. I suffer with depression/anxiety and have been seeing my doctor for these problems. I got refered to a mental health team and just having someone to talk to reallly helped. The Doctor was wonderful and didn't make me feel like i was being silly. The doctor told me that a large amount of people suffer with health anxietys so were not alone. During the year i was waitig to get diagnosed with crohns was the worst of my life (i really did believe i was dying) Im going through a tough patch right now as flaring and worrying about my colonoscopy next week. Im currently taking Beta Blockers for my anxiety (as i have panic attacks) and also on Citalopram for depression. Your reallly not alone in these feelings , hope ive helped :)
Hey Mary, I know exactly what your going through....I am terrified that someday something worst is going to come of my health. I take meds to control my racing thoughts and anxiety. Try not to stress....it is what it is!! Feel better~


Mary, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. I agree that if you feel you can't control your thoughts, you'd best go talk to someone about it. It sounds like it could be an OCD type thing.

Good luck - Hang in there! -Amy
I feel the same exact way! I too think I have brain tumors,meningitis you name it I have thought I had it. It's horrible and everyone thinks your crazy when you really can't help it! I constantly think that I'm having allergic reactions and I drive my parents crazy I hate it! I have learned to deal with it a little but am contemplating medicine to stop it. Don't worry your not alone!
Hi there,

Health anxiety is quite common and generally caused by a combination of factors.
For example, the person may be overly aware of normal symptoms in their body and can also misinterpret symptoms of everyday common diseases such as colds as evidence of severe health. For example, if you are concerned about having a brain tumour, you will be particularly aware whenever you have a headache or feel fuzzy-headed. People with health anxiety are also prone to misinterpret information from healthcare practitioners, magazines and the media. Because of their health concerns, the person goes again and again seeking reassurance from their doctor or other healthcare practitioner. Yet they are not reassured by the normal results of physical tests.

If you are experiencing this I would highly recommend an appt. with your physician, and asking for a referral for a mental health practitioner. It really helps to talk to someone who can assist you with coping and managing these feelings. Medication can also be helpful. You may want to try to manage this yourself first with talk therapy before trying medication. These are just suggestions, but I hope I have helped in some way.
Chronic inflammation can also cause anxiety and/or depression. Especially if it is not characteristic for you to have anxiety.

Another possibility is an imbalance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. Fish or Krill Oil can help with this. It also will help with inflammation.