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I Started This 1 month ago and what a difference

I've had Crohn's for 50 years and developed a stricture in my terminal ileum that reduced its lumen diameter to just 6mm. Humira was no longer working and I was not doing well. I was advised to have surgery and made an appointment with the surgeon.
Based on discussions on this board, I asked my GI for a prescription--he was unaware. A couple of days later he said ok, there apparently was no downside.
I started 1.5mg per day which I took with my morning pills. I don't eat till much later. I think I began to feel better.
After a week, I increased my dose to 3mg, again with my morning pills.
It's been 3-4 weeks since I increased the dose and I feel great. Absolutely amazing. For full disclosure, I also smoke marijuana.
The stricture has reduced my appetite--its like a free lap band.
I went to the surgeon today and he advised that I do not have surgery.
From 1 month ago when my GI and the second opinion both recommended surgery to now is amazing.
Thanks to this board for the fantastic advice and education


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I have been on the medical pot for a couple of years now, I do believe it makes a difference by improving rest and reducing inflammation. Better rest allows the body to repair itself.