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I think our prescription was messed up - wdyt?

So E began LDN four months ago. By the end of the first month we were seeing huge improvements. He has been doing great. He is still on a restricted diet but we've even allowed a few GF items that are not paleo and he has still done great. Then, within 2-3 days after a new prescription refill he started struggling a tad. As the month went by he got slightly worse until it escalated. I was even considering prednisone. We got his script refilled and within 2-3 days we began seeing improvements. Now, 6 doses later he is doing very well again - no prednisone needed. The guy who normally compounds was out of town when this now questionable prescription was filled. Is this coincidence? Do you think that only 6 doses could bring such an improvement? I'm seriously questioning an entire month of E's meds.
Hard to say. He could have had a miniflare and the meds took some time to handle it completely. The timing of his improvement might have been a coincidence.

You could ask the pharmacy to check their records to see if the script was compounded correctly. Wouldn't hurt - if it wasn't that is important information for everyone to have.