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I very new to this, my pain doesnt sound like crohns please help me

Hi Folks

I been having gut issues as long as i can remember, my docs wrote it off to IBS, finally a doc listened and started testing, a fecal test came back crohns, then when i talked to my doc he said he was not so sure now, he saw a scan with contrast from last year and it looked clean, however i have a colonoscopy in 3 weeks, i am asking for hep from you folks in here please, my pain is always left side just below my rib runs down along my ribs to my left flank starts in the center, i get nausea, allot of gut cramping and pains, if i pass allot of gas all day i feel much better, does this sound like crohns?

Last year my gallbladder finally gave out, i had been having GB attacks for almost 4 years, they told me it gave me gallstone pancreatitis and it may go away or may not, im on a low residue diet right now, in the last 7 years i lost 80lbs due to gut cramps and nausea and pain, is this how it starts?

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You can’t diagnose crohns by description
Ibs and crohns can be described the same
Only crohns has evidence of chronic /acute inflammation on the test results

See a Gi
Testing is what confirms crohns
If the Gi suspects crohns they will order tests which will confirm this such as scopes ,MRE and capsule endoscopy.
They may start will simple blood and stool tests which lower the odds of it being crohns
i am in the testing part with my Doc now, he said my stool test showed possible crohns, then i had a Upper GI with small bowel and he said it was all clean, then when i went to see him he said he saw a full scan from last year when my GB failed, he said he was no so sure now it was crohns as that scan showed clean except for a small part of my colon which had a minor colonic wall thickening, last year i also had a endoscopy when my GB failed they said i had scarring in my liver and pancrease because i had gall stone attacks for so long, they said i also had gallstone pancreatitis, they said it may or may not go away, they are not currently looking at my pancreas right now they are looking at my guts, the reason i ask is because im am truly concerned, for the last 10 plus years i been told it was IBS, no one ever did or offered any of the tests he is doing.

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It is normal to be confused and scared. There are many folks here with similar experiences that understand how you feel.
I have learned more about my illnesses from this forum than from all of my doctors. Keep in touch. Take Care. : - )
i am confused and a little scared but im just as angry with this whole thing, im trying to figure this out you know, im waiting for more tests in the mean time its eating me alive, this is 5 months since the emergency room visits, and still no answers, not to mention i have seen 5 gastro folks who all gave me diets to try and said its IBS, no tests, nothing, this last one seems like he honestly wants to know whats wrong, he has zero bedside manners, he didnt read my charts, he missed stuff, but he is trying however in the mean time i sit here in pain every single night, this started over 5 years ago. more than all of that my pain doesnt seem to match anyones or any medical papers i have read, as i find out more i see that allot of folks have different symptoms, its like a catch all of a number of symptoms that all seem to lead back to crohns, my pain more matchs pancreatitis and last year i was told i had gall stone pancreatitis because my GB was bad for so long, 5 Gastro docs, 3 ER visits no one checked my gall bladder. im sorry if i am ranting but holy crap what is going on with this stuff. My pain is left side upper, almost exclusively if i sit down and after dinner. it will radiate a little lower and when it really hurts it starts kinda in the middle left, i get nausea, no loose bowel, if anything the opposite, but they said they ruled out cancer, so thats at least good,
sorry again, im very frustrated with all this thatss allot of ER visits, Gastro folks, and docs and me telling them im in pain every dau and before my GB failed i was having attacks several times a week, they waited till i was shaking and writhing on the floor and called an ambulance, i had to wait a couple days because i was to inflammed to have it removed, then they told me i had gall stone pancreatitis. almost a year later in Nov 24th 2020 i had some terrible attack and ended up in ER two more times.