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I want a depression day.

I have only had my Crohn's diagnosis a few weeks. And I'm pretty lucky that my symptoms aren't worse. But I want one day to just be angry and depressed about the whole deal.

Since the GI said he thought I had Crohn's people close to me want to wait to talk about it until we're sure, or make me feel better by telling me how much worse others have it, or need comforting from me because they think my life is over, or are worried how it'll screw up holiday/vacation plans.

I don't want to be depressed forever. I just want one day to be angry and cry and get it out. It's been constantly changing since starting meds and trying to figure out what I can eat. I never know what my day will be like. I'm just frustrated that I feel like I have to be the strong one. I think Saturday I'm going to be the needy one for a day. Mourn my loss of McDonalds and then back on track.


It's tough to process this illness but hearing about how easy or hard it is for others won't really make a difference because it doesn't change whatever reality you will face. It's best to just be fully knowledgeable about all the possibilities with crohn's and hope for the best.
I say go for it! Take time to cry and be mad and journal and let it all out- maybe go shopping (retail therapy). If I have learned anything about keeping sane through all of this is that I DO NOT need to have it all together and if you can take one day for yourself if you think it will make you feel better just go for it- having a positive attitude goes a long way towards getting better.

Best of luck!


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Yes. Go for it. There is a period of grieving. Allow yourself to go through it. Give yourself LOTS of grace.

Sending you my support.