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I was alway very scared to have children

I have severe crohns since [single digits] I have been through a lot and almost died 2x at this point [3 total] from CROHNS complications, a name that sounds so like no big deal,, being sick so little to the time I jioned the U.S.NAVY I have experienced some very horrorable pain, swollen body part that are most embbarrising, blood dripping out of me at a steady pace ,passing out at times[ never told me parents I was so terrified because I alway went to the doctor and said its nothing "Growing Pains" ,I couldnt eat without some of the most horrible pain , I lived on thorwed out waffles, I heard my parents talking abou7t how are they going to pay all my bills[ they are the biggest workaholics thank God] I didnt know where to go I knew something was very serious wrong , as a 17 year old kid I worried about my Mom and Dads financial issues, I was scared my parents would have to sell the house I have a lot of anxity ,so I jioned the NAVY to see if I can get help and travel the Oceans and Seas, Im from Rhode Island "The Ocean State" I love just being near the ocean...........After boot camp[ As sick as I was being sick forever you get use to it, I made sure I passed" boot camp.After that I spent 5 months in the U.S.NAVY hospital before theyfound whats wrong, this is with tons of test] only because my intestine ruptured and I almost died...................Had surgery,, got better and married my high schoollove still married today[shes a saint] I thought about the horrors I suffers throught and know that my children could have this sick disease, , but, oneday my bestfriend had a baby boy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I held it,,, thats all it takes ,,I wanted a baby,,,,, 3 boys now all in their 20's with NO sign of anything to do with crohns,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My wife and I are truly blessed ,but, I am so scared about my grandkids,,,not sure if my sons can deal with having a very sick child
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Glad you were able to have kids- enjoy them and so far none have crohns
The funny thing about crohns
A lot on here have children with crohns but no family history
It just comes with having kid territory
No guarantees on health regardless of the health issue
My husband has Crohn's my oldest son has Crohn's (dx'd at 10) my youngest son does not. I will say that my son's experience everything happened much quicker. Hubby was dx'd after an abcess landed him in the hospital for a couple of weeks, it took about 6 months for him to get that diagnosis and he ended up back in the hospital for another week about a year later. My son on the other hand was having stomach pains and losing weight brought him into Ped and based on dad's Crohn's they sent us for blood tests that day results the next day (a Friday), referred us to GI who we saw on the next Tuesday who scheduled Scopes the following Tuesday and we had a diagnosis started on steriods and Azathioprine. So diagnosed in just over a week. I don't think it would have tested and went to possible Crohn's that quick if it wasn't for his father having it, I think this allowed us to get things under control much quicker before a lot of damage was done to his intestines. He probably would have ended up in the hospital and probably surgery. Our knowledge has certainly helped in his treatment and of course the better medication now vs the time of dad's diagnosis. Dad has had a few surgeries and several hospital stays due to Crohn's in the first 5 years of diagnosis. My son is 21 now and has never stayed in the hospital and no surgeries.
I guess what I'm trying to say is if it were to happen to your grandchild your son would have your knowledge and with better medications now they would be able to deal with it. The doctors would also have the know about family history and test for it much quicker.