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I went to the extreme - Changing home environment to control symptoms

hi. my crohns usually flares worse with stress. so ive tried things to reduce stress. massage, yoga, martial arts, writing, painting, meditation, nature walks, etc. even moving from a small city to a mountain.

while i was in the mts i began to heal. i only had a tv(which come to find out messes with your moods from the frequency) its worse on older models. i only had movies. i also learned that what i was watching and even what music i listened to had deep affect on my mood and stress lvl. i cut out horror movies, action movies, any movies with violence. i grew up watchin these. i realised how my moods improved drastically! i didnt have internet or cpu and only had a dumb phone for very few calls and txts. i ate mostly organic and had access to mm. i was symptom free the whole time i was there. unfortunately i had to move back to the city where im exposed to to much tv,pollution, bad food, and illegal in my state. all the stress came back and im flaring. i believe i achieved remission in the sacred mts.

has anyone else tried this? altering your home environment to suit your stress levels?

im in a difficult situation as i stay with friends atm and dont have control of my environment but moving this week and im anxious to try this again, hopefully to achieve remission again. wish i was going back to the mts though. any imput will be much appreciated! love and light.
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Where in the Mountains did you go? They say the air is way cleaner and the environment much safer in the mountains in terms of pollutions. An Ex boyfriend I use to date years back had a grandma who lived in Greece up in the mountains. She was sooo healthty. She also had a god who lived to be 25 years old as well, real healthy. So there is something to not being exposed to pollutions and such.

Stress definitely makes me feel worse all the way around. I think limiting stress is so important, but that is so hard to do sometimes.

I mean you experienced remission before, so I would say it is possible again. Are you still eating organic and as healthy as you can?
I've noticed that my symptoms get milder or even stop when I'm on holiday, whether it's seaside of small village near woods. When I'm there I'm usually more active (swimming, walks), eat ';native' eco-foods, and of course don't think about my everyday duties (especially getting to work!).
To sum up, I get cramps and pain as soon as I'm back - sometimes even on the way home from the airport...How's that!
i was in the mts of new mexico. the clean dry air im sure was part of it. i dont have access to much organic food here, 45 minutes away is the closest natural food market. and i dont drive. i had remmision for 3 yrs before, i ate all organic. and grew alot of my food and herbs that aided in my healing. i noticed the city is not for me and been very depressed since ive been back.