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Ian, update

Hi for anyone interested here´s an update, I am writing from my hospital bed, I have been here three weeks now but I can go home tomorrow.

When I was admitted I was really quite poorly and with all the straining on the loo had a huge hemorrhoid develop, One of the firsts things they did was cut this off then they sent me to another hospital where I remained until now. I have had 8 pints of blood over the three weeks and various other drips. I had an Endoscopy which showed a couple of small stomach ulcers that they said was not related to my Colitis but probably due to nerves. A chest Xray showed I had a fractured sternum, and now I am having to have a special Xray to see if I have osteoporosis.

I can´t fault the treatment here in Hungary, although the food is dreadful, I have lost about two stones now. This illness is dreadful but at least I am now getting the treatment I desperately needed, I still bleed a little but I definitely don´t need the loo quite as often. They seem very confident that they will be able to manage it and keep it under control with regular check ups. I have to pop back in November, so I have my fingers crossed.

I am very weak due to lack of decent food, but I am looking forward to going home tomorrow and hope that this will bring improvements.

Great forum, anyone else out there suffering keep your chin up talk again soon Ian
Hey Ian
Thanks for the update. My, the past three weeks have been quite the adventure for you. I'm glad things are beginning to get under control. What sort of meds are you going to continue? It was great to hear from you. I bet you can't wait to crawl into your own bed and have a nice rest. Hospital beds are the worst. Don't go crazy with the food either, although the temptation can be difficult, as you say your recent meals have not been the greatest. Make wise decisions, and get lots of rest.
Hope to see you around more. Later.


Hi Ian

thanks for the update
bet you can't wait to get home to a decent kip and decent food, hospital is so depressing!
try and chillax now til November appt, wishing you a speedy recovery
Not sure of all the medications yet until I get the prescriptions tomorrow, however I take 27 tablets a day, and I know one is Medrol as she said she will start reducing it. I will be getting a huge vitamin D dose that will help my Sternem heal, God knows how that got broken, but it aches continuously.

I asked them to remove my Colon so I can be free of the disease, they said my quality of life will be far better with it under control than with a stoma? They also said It could come back along any of the entire length from my throat to my backside so no point.

Looks like I´m on theses drugs for the rest of my life now.:depressed:
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Hi Ian, i was begging for them to take my colon out the entire thing is inflamed. But they said nope. Then they diagnosed me with Crohns so there is no point in taking it out now. Might as well keep it as long as I can. I hope you get some decent food soon!


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Hey Ian, :bigwave:

Thanks for the update, been keeping up to date with Heather's as well, it's good to hear you will finally be getting out of hospital, YAY!

The medications............hmmm...........I guess over time things will wax and wane as far they go, sometimes more like now and sometimes less as you perhaps gain remission. It is easy for me to say because I don't have Crohns but I have had and still do at times have those same feelings as you seeing my daughter taking more tablets in her short life than I have in the entirety of mine. She is in remission and that is a wonderful place, compared to before, even with the tablets and that is what I have to keep reminding myself, it isn't hard when I think back.

I wish you all the best with your continued recovery and keep us posted!

Take care, :)
Hi Ian,
So sorry you've had such a hard time! Hope things start to look up for you! Those pills are no fun at all.. i forgot to take 3 diff rx's yesterday.. realized it this morning.. I'm thinking.. how the heck did i manage that one! I feel for ya pal! Keep your chin up... and hang in there!!.. the bright side is the pills will eventually taper off.. so the faster you get them started the faster they go away.. well some of them anyways.

Just wanted to send some love your way... seems like you could use a hug today!:hug: