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IBD-AID: additional resources?

My dd started on IBD-AID and I'm finding it really hard to locate recipes other than the ones on the UMass website (http://www.umassmed.edu/nutrition/ibd/foods-list-for-ibd-diet/)

I think that a large part of the problem is the name of the diet. (I even wrote to one of the study's authors suggesting they change the name b/c TONS of google responses say that "this or that AIDS in digestion". ARGH.

Can anyone please point me to other sites? (p.s. I don't have pinterest, so I'd prefer not there). Is there a Yahoo/Google group for people who follow the diet? I really learned a lot from Pecanbread and the SCD-BTVC Yahoo groups when my other dd followed SCD.

Did you switch from scd to ibd-aid, or are you doing both diets for different children? I'm thinking about adding ibd-aid foods to my daughter's scd diet. Just wondering what your experience is.
We did it instead of SCD. My dd was only on for a fairly short time and is now back eating "regular" food. I would have loved to use IBD-AID foods when my other dd was transitioning off of SCD (she was on for five years).
Did your daughter move to meds? How does her regular diet affect her?
My daughter did strict scd for 6 months but we also use meds and supplements.