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IBD friendly options at Starbucks

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I got a $5 Starbucks gift card from my manager for Christmas that I haven't used yet. Been looking at their menu trying to find something that I can have that I won't regret having later. I know that coffee and really sugary drinks are definate no goes with my UP. Is there anything at these places that any of you have found to be safe with your IBD? Thanks for any suggestions.
My son loves the bacon gouda breakfast sandwich. Bread, eggs, bacon and cheese. It doesn't bother him but I don't know what your triggers are. They are super yummy! They do have a strawberry protein smoothie or they carry all natural fruit drinks.


I'm sold to that place since I've worked there... But I really seem to be starbuck proof, I can get 6 down and won't have issue so I might not be a good reference.

Though, if you are fine with lactose free or soy milk (both options are possible) you can have any flavor steamed-milk done with them or also you can get any combo with tea if it is ok with you. For instance you can get rooibos tea (which is not really tea and contain no caffein), with some vanilla syrup (or sugar-free version of it) and let say some lactose free milk.

Another thing I can think of, drink-wise is the caramel apple cider... Pretty much
steamed apple juice to which they add some cinnamon flavored syrup (I take mine half sweet with the sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup) and this is topped with whipped cream (well if dairy is mean to you that part can be left out) and caramel drizzle. Once again... at the end... it might just be too sugary...
I just like their lattes, espresso w/ steamed milk.

Rather than evil red dye, Starbucks uses a natural product to give their Strawberry smoothies such a nice pink color, namely, conchineal extract, which is made of crushed bugs. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you may wish to avoid this.