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IBD sgi Diagnostic

Ok, so after almost a year of being ill, and believing I had mastocytic enterocolitis..(the stains from my colonoscopy were positive) I have continued to suffer symptoms, so my doc had the IBD sgi diagnostic lab ran through Prometheus Labs...it came back positive for Crohns.

(My symptoms are excessive fatigue (even though my iron is good) and joint pain)
Now I am having a small bowel follow through on the 22nd, and then a camera pill endoscopy soon after.

Has anyone had this lab done?? Is it accurate??

I haven't had that lab done on me. Hmm...maybe I should ask for it. I have the same symptoms as you plus D on and off. I have the other tests though.

Sorry I couldn't be of help. That must be frustrating to have your dx changed. I know it has been with me.


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Naples, Florida
Hi Mendy,

I can't comment on the test, but if you're experiencing extreme fatigue and your iron is ok, I'd ask them to test your vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and folate levels as well.
I had the Prometheus IBD 7 serology test done and had results consistent with Crohns disease. Is this the test you are talking about? But no evidence of disease was found (no mast cell stain tho) so no dx. It is thought to be unreliable in a lot of cases and by a lot of doctors. That said, false positives are less common than false negatives.
Okay I just googled that test and it is not the same test. Looks like it is the serology plus genetic and inflammatory markers. It replaces the test I had. So I only had part of your test done. Sorry. But it's good you are having the other tests. Hopefully that will reveal something.
I was diagnosed by the Prometheus IBD Serology 7 test and from the colonoscopy and pillcam that both showed inflammation.

The only thing that is srange is that the Prometheus Test showed several blood serums that indicated fistulizing Crohn's Disease. I havn't been diagnosed with a fistula...not yet anyway. I'm hoping the Remicade keeps that from happening.
Well I did lose 35 lbs earlier this year when I was at my worse..so I hope these next test can shed some light. I have read it is 92% accurate so I guess I will wait and see! Thanks everyone who has responded so far:)! I appreciate it!