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I have had IBS for over 40 yrs and never thought or heard of IBD until March 2021 when I started this journey. My first office followup is tomorrow with the GI. After initial testing he thought my symptoms were more caused by my IBS and not IBD. He prescribed Budesonide for 2 months,I only had to take 16 out of 30 pills. I will find out what is ahead for me and my question to the community is ,are there others who initially were Dx with IBS who subsequently developed IBD and now are dealing with both?


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Plenty. Sometimes IBD is misdiagnosed as IBS and sometimes you simply have both but IBS doesn't turn into IBD.

Good luck with your appointment. I hope they can give you good definitive answers and a plan forward.


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Unfortunately it is fairly common for people with IBD to either be undiagnosed or have an incorrect diagnosis for a long time, personally it took nearly five years for me to get a diagnosis.

Just a question, when you say you only had to take 16 out of 30 pills, do you mean you felt better after the 16 and stopped? or you felt better but carried on or didn't feel better at all? I only ask because its super important to complete courses of steroids, and they really shouldn't be stopped suddenly unless there is a very specific reason like a severe allergic reaction.

There definitely are people dealing with both IBS and IBD as well, my nurse says its actually more common than people realise, it can make it difficult when trying to distinguish what symptoms are IBD vs IBS, but it is possible to manage both conditions.
I have both ibs and crohns, personally I think my ibs started first. But it's so hard to know. Now I have lactose intolerance as well as 2 vitamin deficiencies and acid reflux. All from ibd. My crohns was not diagnosed for 7 years, until it got to stricture stage unfortunately. It's super common I found for everything to be blamed on ibs or acid reflux when your trying to get diagnosed.
I found buscopan on prescription is helping my ibs alot (2 a day).
I found entocort didn't help the obstructions but when it was a small flare it did slightly help maybe. But azathioprine put me into remission pretty quickly.
I hope you get on well with the treatment and can get some relief. It does really suck to have both ibs and ibd and can be so hard to tell which is flaring. But with the right meds for you it can get so much better.