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Iep plans

So...recently DS has made a few comments about killing himself. On a regular basis he is fine but when he's in school, in trouble or very very sad he makes comments about wanting to die and go to hell. We're getting him help, he sees a psychiatrist and several counselors. I'm not sure if it's due to all the recent changes or if he's dealing with the fact he'll be on meds the rest of his life or if he's just not feeling like he has a purpose but he's having a difficult time right now. Recently I was pulled aside by the school and told that he's not reaching the third grade guarantee in reading and if he doesn't reach that he'll be held back. They put in some reading goals (he's in a small reading group that meets about 15 mins a day as well as some other things to help him achieve passign third grade). Since meeting with a few counselors they said I should get an Iep plan in place for him. The issue I have is he hasn't been diagnosed with anything in regards to his mental health state and he's got a loose diagnosis of eoe. When I went in to try to get a 504 plan for his eoe the school said he only needed a health plan in the clinic since he hasn't missed a lot of school or has had "real issues" within school. His teachers have been great giving him tools to help him concentrate in class but his classmates have taken to bullying him (drawing on his shirt, cutting the elastic bands off his chair-a tool that helped him concentrate, moving his things around so he can't find them ect) he says this year he doesn't really have friends in his class like he did in years past so he feels he doesn't have anyone who will stand up for him.

Anyway do any of you have Iep plans? Is it difficult to have the school cooperate and write up Iep plans? Any info is appreciated!!

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IEP wouldn't have to deal with his medical experts but with his learning difficulties and mental health issues.
He would be evaluated to determine what extra help he would need at school ( pull outs for reading ..tools to help him cope and meeting with the schools psychologists/therapists as well.
These are standard for kids with reading issues or mental health issues .
Since he has both you just ask for him to be evaluated or the school can ask as well .

504 learning is not effected just extra accomadations for to stay in school

IEP evaluations take months so if you sign up now he may have an IEP by jan/fever
Highly recommend it then they won't hold him back for reading and he will get the extra help he needs
I am reading this quickly in the car so my apologies I don't have a well written response.

All I can think is how livid I am that the school is allowing a child who already dealing with enough to bullied. I am very close to an airport and happy to hop a plane to go down there myself!! Ugh!!

I am really sorry that you and he are going through all of this. What a nightmare. I am sure that some members here will come along with advice on how to advocate for him. From my own experience I think some form of depression is pretty common with this disease.

I'm the meantime I'm pulling for you and him. I hope this is a better day for him.


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I just wanted to send my support - what an awful situation :(!

Does the teacher know he's being bullied? I'd talk to her, if you haven't already.

My daughter has also dealt with depression because of her diseases. She sees a psychologist regularly and a psychiatrist every few months. We were able to get her on medication that made all the difference in the world. Hang in there. It WILL get better. It just takes time :ghug:

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Is he on swallowed steroids ( Flovent or buesonide ) for his EoE?
It can cause behavioral changes in some kids ...
Did you get a second opinion on his EoE?
Thanks for the support everyone.

The bullying is done by one primary student who is new to the school. As he's told me she makes a friend then she ends the friendship by doing something mean to them. The school is working with her but can't tell me exactly what they are doing with her (completly understand) I do feel for her since she's made a big adjustment herself.

He's had behavior issues since pre k. I won't go into what happened in the past to him but I believe it's part of the issue. I feel the other piece may be due to add or adhd (possibly even ptsd) which he is currently going through and evaluation for (he'll actually receive a complete evaluation in December which will include depression, anxiety ect). Unfortunatly his comments began in the last month or so which could be linked to the steriods.

Unfortunately the second opinion through cincinnati didn't go through, we're in the process of changing insurance now though so maybe something will go through soon.

my little penguin

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If he has had behavior and other issues prior I would really push for an IEP evaluation
Even if the school is doing some
The amount they can do with an IEP is absolutely amazing in our experience
Good luck


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I don't have experience with this in elementary school, but have a child who has struggled with these things off and on since elementary school. (My daughter homeschooled during those years). I found meds can cause these kinds of side effects too. Anti-seizure meds were especially problematic for our daughter. An IEP sounds like a great idea.