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If not one thing, it's another

I was taking a child first aide course, ah the irony. My heart has been doing this weird palpatation thing, about every six beats it goes crazy, instructor (cute guy-just thought I'd share)called the ambulance for me and off I went. Ecg, oxygen and xray. Sent home. Will be called to be fitted with a Holter Monitor. It's happened three or four times this week and again this morning. Taking Humira, I have mild pulmanory stenosis, have had TB-treated and is monitored, and I have a peri-anal fistula (first in over 11/2 yrs)-taking metrodonidozole, my skin has been so itchy I've taken of a layer or two scratching(pre antibiotics), the arthritis in my feet is becoming intolerable, just got over rotavirus(puking and crapping very much like a flare,by the way, and I just realized I've had a headache for awhile. :ybatty: The upside: Mothers Day-I love my daughters, my birthday is in three days and on june 8, I'll have 14 yrs sober. And if I don't fall over dead in the next month I will enjoy it all. Thanks for listening.


Whats the chances lol. At least the kids got a chance to see how to react in a real emergency.

Happy Birthday (in advance) and well done on keeping sober for so long