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If only we were dogs

if only we were dogs

oh to be treated like a dog... sore tummy, immediate consultation, lots of investigations, an overnight hospital stay, lots of tablets and one well dog after 24 hours... why can't humans be treated the same as dogs (oh and a large bill!!).


Certainly ALL my dogs have been treated better than I! Sonny, Bermese Mtn Dog/Rotty mix...died at age 17 1/2 of heart problems, Jobey German Shepherd, died age 19 1/2, simply of old age, Chase Irish Terrier died age 16 1/2 of complications of Atypical Cushings Disease. All received specialist care of the highest standards with no waiting times whatsoever. As long as my credit card was handy. And I'd go without food to make sure they had whatever they needed.

Yes...come back as a dog in my household!!
wow those are some ages for dogs, my last one was 15 and just died on the sofa at home which is the best way to go. I've a 10 year old (she's the one thats just been in hospital) suspected pancreatitis she's currently curled up on my knee and i've a 2 year old lab who's also curled up beside me on the sofa!!! they're treated like royalty...

JK... ha ha ;) I suppose there are some advantages of being human!!


Good care Archie!!! And Love, Love, Love...lotsa belly rubs too! And, my word they had the life of Riley!

Every one lost....major FLARE. Chase almost killed me. Damn I miss them!

Little Freya, rescue Irish Terrier, 4 years old (got to keep the old boys alive..worked for 3 years) is in my photo...isn't she adorable???? :ycool:

Pancreatitis...ouch!!! What happened? Grease, oil, fat?? I hope your baby gets better soon!!
Adorable alright she's a cutie... I came home for what was supposed to be 5 mins away ended up a couple of hours later and she had been rummaging in the bin so not sure if she'd eaten something she shouldn't or it was a build up over the last couple of weeks, she is a bit of a podge but she's active enough usually, anyway I took her for a walk and she literally couldn't put one foot in front of the other so off to the vet it was she's a good bit better today though and on a strict diet (again!!!!!). I hate them being in the vets overnight I really missed her. Vets just don't beat about the bush they seem to fire all meds at them, to get them out of pain then figure out whats going on, somewhat different approach to humans!!!


Oh dear. Probably the 'dumpster diving' did her in. Is she a Lab too? They are NOTORIOUS for that, bless em. Always hungry. Its the NOSE thing!

I agree they throw it all out there to 'fix' it. But take all of the vets with a grain of salt the same as you do our Dr's! I do, and thats why 'the boys' lived so long...do your own research, same as we Crohnies do!

Belly rubs to the babies!
She's a jack Russel (well supposed to be) good at burying her wee nose into anything, I think the lab egged her on :) yes lots of belly rubs in order... the usual.


I just hope she feels better soon! Jobey and Sonny managed to get into a large pan of oil once. (before my time...it was their FATHERS FAULT, ahem)

Apparently there was shit all over the house for a week. On the walls, the ceiling and everything else. But for MONTHS after that everyone commented on how well their coats looked...so SHINEY. Ugh. If he ever did that after I came into the scene....his ass would be s&&ing all over the house!!!! Their father that is! They were at vets overnight, of course, but it's gotta come out somehow doesnt it? At least we Crohnies can be understanding. Better out than in I say!

Lets hear it for vets!
ha ha we give the horses sunflower oil (just a drop) to make their coats shiny also guinness but then in ireland everyone and everything drinks guinness!!!

yes better in than out in all occasions, poppy was given a big shot of something last night that well put it this way most crohnies wouldn't need!! I should've just kept her at home and fed her oil and it would've saved me a fortune..


Nooooo oil....that caused their pancreatitis!!!! Well, a bucket full did...they were lucky they werent killed by it! (stupid dad!)

I'm just warning you about pancreatitis in dogs...It's kinda like a flare in us.