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Ileitis questions

Hi everyone. I have been told that i have irritable bowel since i was a child, i am now 48. I eat and pretty much go to the bathroom immediately. I never have any bleeding. But the cramps and pain always come with it. I have just learned to live with it. Although i suspected myself that there was something more to this. Recently, just last week, i thought i actually had a serious stomach bug. Fever, chills, cramps. The whole 9 yards. The fever and chills went away after 2 days but the cramping never left. I stopped eating. I COULD NOT tolerate any food. Then i decided to eat because i was starving and the pain came back so bad i went to ER. In the ER i was diagnosed with ileitis. I proceeded to spend 4 days in the hospital, hooked up to heavy antibiotics and pain meds, liquid diet. I had 2 CT scans, 2 ultra sounds, and MRI and a HIDA scan. After 4 days i was discharged being told that i had ileitis and to finish my antibiotics and if i didn’t feel better in about 3 weeks i would have to see “the big dogs” (whatever that means). They said i don’t have CD. Im
Quite sure what i have is not bacterial because the antibiotics don’t seem to be working. The only test they didn’t give me was a colonoscopy. I have my follow up appt on Monday. Im
Just wondering if this sounds like anything anyone has ever had before without it being bacterial and not having CD. Im
Small to begin with and i can’t afford to lose more weight just because I’m afraid to eat for fear of pain. Thanks for any input anyone has.
Hi nanky
Welcome to the forum I think when you go to the follow up you need to ask for a calprotectin test you do a poo sample they test this to see if you have raised inflametary markers if this is the case you may be sent for a colonoscopy you don't have bleeding with Crohns only with Ulcerative Colits.
I have Crohns but sometimes it takes a while for diagnosis as every one has different symptoms.
I hope you get some answers as you say not eating can be dangerous. Good Luck.
Sorry to hear that and hope you feel better soon. In the beginning that it was not diagnosed with Crohns I was given lots of antibiotics witch did not help at all . As curlywurly mentioned, it was after a calprotectin test with very very high values that they asked me for colonoscopy. I've never had bleeding. I had severe pain specially when eating and I was really starving.
And one last thing that may help you. try white bread and boiled chicken with no spice.