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Ileocolic Surgery Laproscopic Surgery Incison Healed With Two Navals

Hello itsme2,
Well, it sounds like you got my belly button. I had surgery and now I don't have one anymore. I don't really care about it. I just tell people that I'm a alien, (you can win alot of beers with that bet...lol)

I don't mean to make fun of you at all, I'm just trying to keep my head up about everything crohns related. I hope that you feel better about this soon. It did take me a while.

Jim (Pops)


Staff member
Hi itsme2. How are you doing now?

Diarrhea is common after surgery and can take a long time to go away for some people (6 months to a year has been mentioned on here, unfortunately I don't recall how long it took for my diarrhea to go away). As for the pain at your resection site, even 14 years later I still get pain there off and on. Nothing terribly bad but the surgery itself does cause some scaring and as a scar heals it gets a little more narrow over time. So you may simply be feeling foods pass through a slightly narrowed area from the surgery. You can always give your GI a call and let them know about it just in case. :)

As for the bellybutton issue, Jim is right where when we get cut open, there's no telling how things will look after it heals. Many members don't like their scars (I'm one of them) and others have to get used to having no bellybutton at all. I'm going to tag Afidz and she can talk to you about the cons of doing cosmetic surgery to make it look better. She's had a lot of surgery and it is true that one surgery can lead to another and then another.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. :)


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Hello, I'm with Jim, I'm looking for a belly button!
Anyways, if the wound is healed and the infection is gone, don't risk another surgery. I found that when you get one infection, it kind of opens you up to further infections when you have another surgery. My fourth surgery got super infected. 3 years, 11 more surgeries, 2 wound vacs, countless infections 6 or 7 wounds, hundreds of thousand dollars, several jobs and almost one relationship later, I am finally in the clear and can consider a normal life. I know itsembarrassing to have the wound heal the way it did, but with Crohns you are more susceptible to infection and its not worth it. This is my own opinion from my experience though. A plastic surgeon could probably fix it very easily though. Wish you the best with it!