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Ileostomy bag choices

Hi guys - well regarding my lower post I have made my decision and am having an end ileostomy in 3 weeks.

I have had 2 loop ileostomies before which were emergencys so were badly sited and needed convex bags and over their lifetime needed all sorts of bags, extenders, paste etc.

Now this one is planned and the stoma nurses tell me will therefore be a much better behaved stoma so I'm thinking I can choose a bag that's suitable for me rather than the only option if that makes senses?

So which bags are good? I like clear ones with the cover bit on (like to be able to see whats going on!) I'm interested in two piece bags but on the odd occasion I've tried I've never been able to get the 2nd piece on properly?

Thanks in advance


P.s - my first stoma was named Kermit and I just named the second the same - I feel like he's always been there just sometimes he's inside and sometimes out! Anyway my mates think I should have a new name but I think he should always be Kermit!


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My choice is convatec 2 pc. Natura Sur-fit with Eakin seals. Even with abscessing under the wafer I get 4-5 days with the seals. Normally I get 7-9 with a high out put watery stoma.
had stoma a month from Ileostomy surgery,i use coloplast sensura midi,i like it that you can fold it in half,also its the opaque one,not to keen on the clear ones either.never used 2 peice,so cant help with that one.....


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I use Welland Flair active convex. But it comes in non convex too. It has a slit so you can see whats going on and a little tab on the emptying spout to help open it to empty and clean. Not sure if they come in two piece though.
The convatec natura one DJW mentioned is a good choice. The 'durohesive' skin barrier swells up around the stoma like a turtle neck to protect the skin so you don't have to cut. I tried them and liked them but because my stoma is oddly shaped, sort of oval, they didn't protect my skin as much as they advertise. Also they are opaque so you can't see whats going on. I prefer having the little tab too empty too. I tried the two piece with them and they were easy to click together and felt secure. They would be my second choice if I had a regular shaped stoma. So well worth trying.
This stoma I have is my second.It was planned and done by one of Australias top colorectal surgeons. But its still a nuisance shape. so planned doesn't always mean perfect but you have a much better chance of it being so. Also they can choose a good site away from creases and scars so that adhesion is better.
Good luck with the surgery and keep us posted with how it goes and what bags you find work for you.
Welland flair active is great because of the tab at the opening which helps cleaning the tip easier. Also in combination with dermacol seal I hardly had any problems. Just a word of caution. I also used micropore tape around the edges of the flange for extra adhesion and stability.


I want to get one that can be easily drained in the bathroom. Are those only the ones where the pouch opens at the bottom or are there other non daily disposables with draining access?


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All ileostomy bags are drainable since you have to empty so much during the day depending on how much output you have but I would empty every couple of hours and in the beginning it was 15+ times a day.
Dermacol seals are great if you have a regular shaped stoma. I used them with my last ileo and was very disappointed that they didn't fit around the oddly shaped stoma I have now. Thanks for reminding me about them Kela, I can recommend them to others.