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Ileostomy Reversal Advise Please

Hi guys, I had my loop ileostomy reversed last thursday, so i am am day 6 post op... I have had a very fast recovery and have been let home from hospital and i am eating a full diet again.... I just have a few little questions if anyone has previously been in this situation...

I have had frequent bowel movements from two days post op until today... I have had nothing today, is that a sign to worry? Is it normal?

Should I be eating a certain diet, I have had coleslaw yesterday and it seemed to be fine but with no bowel movements today, should i be eating raw vegetables? Fiber etc?

Last thing, (my wound was suppost to be left open to heal from the inside out) but the intern doctor removed the wik from my wound saturday day 3 post op and used stirie strips to close the wound when he was advised to put back the wik sunday day 4 post op, the wound had already healed over so he couldn't... this means im healed on the outside but have a cavity on the inside... has anyone else not healed from the inside out!???

all advise and stories welcome.... im sooo clueless now......



I currently have an ileostomy but Samboi just had a reversal. Not sure if they had a loop or not but maybe they can advise.

Raw veggies are a problem for most ppl with IBD. I would be very cautious especially after surgery. Soft bland foods are safest and after a few weeks you can experiment with more.
thank you nogutsnoglory... i have tried youtube this also but very few videos about reversal recovery... hope your keeping well...
Hi guys just another question to ask... Im have a really painful time when i go to the toilet and there has been blood... i think my anus has gotten smaller and it hurts to pass stool... can this happen!??
Hi Ita
It takes quite awhile for everything to settle.
You might experience anal and rectal pain as everything is getting used to being used again. There might also be blood.
I'd probably hold off on the high fibre and stick with low res for a few weeks. You have a rejoin that is healing.
The pain management medication might also slow you down a lot.

My external wound was healed with dissolvable stitches and steri strips. But it took weeks and it was all covered up. Surgeons have their own way of doing things and there are all kinds of ways to close you up. I'm sure you'll heal up fine as long as you follow the usual protocols for healing after surgery. Just take things easy.
Let us know if you have any other questions!