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Ileostomy surgery

Hi everyone not been on for a while been in a flare up for months went in for routine colonoscapy on 8 of january and kept me in hospital. well on wednesday 23 i had surgery and have a stoma bag, surgery went well and in a few months time i will be haveing pouch surgery. The problem now is i have an infection but i dont know if its from the removal of the drainage tube which was yanked out and was excrutiating or from the removal ot the catheter. i am in no pain from the actual surgery i am on antibiotics but they are taking a while to kick in the pain in my lower abdomon is chronic not sleeping and i havent eaten much either. just wondered if any one else has had similar problems.thanks Ps NOW BACK LIVING IN UK


Hello and welcome back.

I am sorry to hear that you have had to have surgery :( I have not had this type of op and the one I did have was without issue, it may be worth having a look at both the surgery and stoma sub forums as the folks here may be able to advise. How often are you seeing your doc for check ups? Are you still on the above listed meds and supplements?

Hey I had the surgery but can't help with that sorry I didn't even know they had took my drain thing out of my stomach! Lol don't know whether I was asleep or drugged up or what! Sorry :(:( all I know is I was in absolute agony for three and a half months with pain from op:-:)-( hopefully yours won't be so bad. Did you have Crohns or colitis? I'm due my next op three months today :-:)-( scared of everything after last one :-(
i had colitis diagnosed in spain 5 years ago. the only meds im on now are tramadol paracetamop amoxiclav and omniprazal. Thanks ab and cheerbear i will have a look at the stoms forum thanks for replying.
hi this is his wife now heather ians just laid on sofa with hot water bottle on his tummy to try and ease pain. I phoned local docs to see if they can give him a stronger pain killer or anti inflammatory so waiting for them to phone been 45 mins waiting now. really worried about him thanks for the reply its good to know there are other people to talk to on here ive just signed ian up to the stomawise forum so hopefully they might be able to give us some advise. The surgery was a total surprise but the surgeon said it was so bad he was really worried it would perforate so there was no other option he was in 2 weeks on intravenious steroids which didnt work. hopefully he:ll start to feel better in a day or two ill keep you posted thanks for wishing him a speedy recovery.
You welcome and thanks for keeping me posted. Hope they get bk to you asap and hope the pain eases soon.this brings bk memories I had suffered for only 4 months with IBD got Imodium from my doctor didn't work a week later got admitted to hospital. The pain in my left side was so bad I could hardly move. Was on really strong steroid for nearly a month, had one infliximab, pentasa, flagyl etc nothing worked in the end had to have emergency life saving surgery to remove my large bowel it could of burst at any time which would of killed. He said it was the worst he had ever seen. Anyway sorry for ranting on let me know what they say. Big hugs thinking of you both thanks for letting me know
Thanks ab will do, still waiting for doc to phone hope he rings soon i want to go to bed lol.
Ians gone to bed now as well to try and get some sleep hes sleeping for about an hour at a time then waking up in agony so give him pain killers but they take a while to work so were both getting very little sleep.Just had phone call doc will be here within the hour, Ill keep you posted.


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Sorry to hear of all the pain you are having and hope there will be something to relieve all of it.
What a terrible time for you.
Feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
Hi every one ian is much better today doc didnt come out had chat on phone he wanted to give ian a cathter but ian said no as it was to painful anyway the antibiotics and pain killers have started to work now and hes had his stitches out he has a slight infection at the bottom of his wound so the nurse wants to take a sample tomorrow when she comes to check it to make sure hes on the right antibiotic. I passed on all of youre best wishes he said thankyou to every one thats all for now ill keep you updated thanks everyone
Hi everyone, ian here this time, thanks for all your support.

Wow what can I say? had surgery no real problems, a week later I had my drain yanked out by the nurse and it hurt as if it had hit my bladder and I was quite ill over night and felt the need to pee in the morning despite catheter in, that morning they took my catheter out and I had to pee a couple of times, no problems so far, not feeling too bad considering the big op. Passed pee a few times and they said they were happy as I had passed enough pee, would I like to go home, Wow what a suprise, you bet I wanted to go home.

That evening went home about 6pm then the trouble started I had urge to pee but found it just wouldn't come, suffered for two weeksin pain not being able to go and then the Dr said best fit a catheter in, I didn't like that one bit.

Anyway the update to my story is that I still have this catheter in and oh what a relief it is, I am now waiting to go to out patients (urology dept) to see if they know whats going on, I am scared that they take the catheter out and nothing worksi they will want to put it back in, funny thing is, before when I wanted to go I had pain but I couldn't go, now they want me to train my bladder useing the tap on my catheter instead of the bag they said wait until you get pain but I have no feeling what so ever of it being full so I just empty it every hour or so.

I am so scared of all this stuff and don't like them poking about, I'm a reall baby, Will my bladder work again when the catheter is taken out? it's been in an extra two weeks now after being out about two weeks, My op was on the 23/Jan, I am hoping this extra time will help it cure....Any bodies thoughts on this?

This is putting me off going in for the reversal and J pouch op

Feel almost normal now except for new stoma bag, and this bloomin catheter is worrying me and uncomfortable.

Thanks everyone your a great bunch:heart:
Hi- Wow sorry to hear this you've been through so much I don't have any advice because i was the total opposite to you after they took the catheter out first time i went alot of time like every 5 mins so they had to put it bk in. They only took it out coz i felt like i needed to go even with it in like you said glad it wasn't just me that felt like that. Sorry i can't help you but what I want to say is I'm thinking of you and hope it gets sorted soon without any probs. Glad everything is ok with your stoma keep us posted please. Sorry if this is all over the place lol.


Glad to see your 'back' Ian although I am sorry to say I cannot offer any advice on this either. Do you have an actual appt date yet to see the urologist or are you waiting for one to come through? I would fully expect that this would be something the docs are sorting for you quickly. If you haven't already then perhaps check out the surgery sub forum here in case someone here has had the same experience.

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
Hi, I wanted to send you a note to let you know that my wife was givin a"J Pouch" when she was 27 years old. She had colitis (I have crohns, and no we didn't meet at any IBD support group, we have been married for 40 years and it just happens that we both have IDB) after her operation she was GREAT for over 20 years until some scar issuse came up and now she went back ti a ileostomy. She said that she is so happy that they removered her colon because she is now cured fron colitis and will not have to deal with it again. I think you will like the pouch and they way your life wil be restored.
Hi all, just a quick update for you as not been on for a while

I seem to be doing reasonably well, can't have a reversal as they say it was Crohn's related and it could spread again.

After everything I have been through with this horrible illness this bag isn't so bad although I have developed what they call a parastomal Hernia and I wear a support belt to help, I don't want it to get anyworse.
I do get problems with bags leaking, but at least I am well enough in my self to deal with it.
See also my post re' Benefits here


I had a job to find it so hope this helps you
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