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Illness and Remicade


I looked to see if this was asked before but couldn't find anything.

I have had my 3 loading doses. After the third dose, I now have had Norwalk flu, and now a bad cold in the 2 weeks since. Before this it was years since I had any such illnesses.

So do I have to live in a bubble now?? Does anyone else seem to pick up everything going around? How do you avoid this?

MAkes me sad as I was feeling really good before the flu hit me and now I am back to feeling exhausted, bloated and having an upset stomach all the time.

Thanks for any insight.
I have been taking Remi since April 2011. 7 doses later I had only 1 sore throat. I have three young kids that get sick all the time. They all got sick and I did not get one cold. Stayed in the hospital fro 10 days when I broke my leg and got my operation and did not get anything,

You certainly do not have to live in a bubble. Everybody will get sick once and a while. It happens.

Good luck


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New York, USA
I agree with moogie - I've been on Remicade since 2005, and the worst I've had was strep 2x in 3 months....I did have a bout of pneumonia which probably wouldn't have been as bad if I had gone to the doctor earlier.....that is really it for 'illnesses'....