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Im allergic to crohns meds,any advice?

crohns meds have given me serious allergic reactions from hives pancreatitis and serum sickness ,im at a loss as to what to do next.been flaring for awhile now, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi kev. please forgive me as i don't know what that diet is. as for my diet I follow the best i can but unfortunately sometimes I don't have options. i was vegetarian then i craved meat one day. also my environment i don't get much support for my diet,most think i should eat like they do.or the attitude is you're going to die anyways. id eat all organic if i have the choice. but my location and livng on disability and raising a 3 yr old it's impossible.stress is the main cause of my flare currently.i'm having a hard time dealing with thing going on and finding hard to relieve my anxiety. ive been med free for a yr and a half. these are the meds that ive been on. pred.60 mg somtimes 40 for months at a time. always gain 50 lbs the first month.it makes me crazy.i have osteoperosis from it osteoarthritis.other side effects too. pentasa 16 pills a day for months at time gave me pancreatitis. asacol, imuaran 6mp all gave me pancreatitis.cipro flagyl break out in hives.remicade serum sickness.cimzia did not work.took that over a yr stopped it in 2011.morphine hives.zofran hives.sulfa hives.pcn hives.entocort didn't work.i became dependant on pain meds due to long hospital stays. and other medical issues.ive been off them for a yr and a half.i took all these meds for long periods of time until ibecame allergic.


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The diet I referred to is the SCD.. Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The principle is a rigid diet that starves Crohns. There are some folks here on it, and a section of the forum where you can read up on it if you like.

LDN might be an option. But, it is hard to find a doctor to prescribe it, then a pharmacy to compound it. And, the other issue is that many people who try it initially get worse before they get better.

Wish I could offer more help. All the best
I have had issues with crohns meds to!

Last year the doctor tried me on 2 different medications, both of them ended up giving me pancreatitis. Since then he hasn't prescribed me any more pills. I'm not sure why? I need something to manage things before it gets worse....

Part of me wonders if maybe a lot of the meds have similar ingredients that may give me the pancratitis the same as the other meds that I tried did?

Now the doctor is doing a special scope on me, not a regular one this one has a funny name that I just cant spell right now lol......but after this scope if he thinks things are bad enough he said he may put me on some type of steroid medication which im really freaked out about.....im scared of the side affects.
Hey. i know what you're going through. were the meds pentasa and asacol that gave you pancreatitis? the ingredients in those are asprin based. do you know what steriod? most likely prednisone. the only part i like is i can eat. but the side effects are horrible for me as well as most others. ive always when taking it at a high dose fo long periods. ive switched on and off from natural to conventional meds. i don't have options now. diet is essential but my current situation isnt good for my diet or stress level. im flaring and im scared. im back to natural healing but its difficult money wise. im allergic to 15 meds or more. no sure why they give asprin based meds when we shouldnt have nsaids. i used medical mj when i lived in a state where it was legal. it helped me more than i could ever imagined. but i moved and dont have that option here. going to write letters to reps to try to get mm passed. its so frustrating. but i wish you luck. if you ever need to talk im here. i felt like i was the only one allergic. i don't like that you are but im glad im not alone.dealin with stress is hard doing it alone. hugs