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I'm always gassy, I have problems with defecation and nausea

Hi... it's been over 5 years struggling with this. I'm still undiagnosed. On the paper everything is fine, but in reality I'm always sick. I'm always gassy - all the time - no matter what I eat; I experience nausea and I often have problems with bowel movements. Sometimes diarrhea, sometimes constipation, sometimes both mixed, sometimes I am relatively fine.

I've been to a few doctors and hospitals but to no avail. I had endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasonography, tomography, blood tests, stool and urine tests, allergy and intolerance tests.

As I said, I am super gassy all the time no matter what I eat. To the point that I cut most contact with people and avoid meetings, travels that take longer than an hour, two. It's pathetic. I've been on various diets including vegan.

I thought it could be candida but no tests showed that. I have white coat on tongue but doctors didn't really care about it. The doctor prescribed me fluconazone and nystatine just to be sure. Nothing changed.

I took pyrantelum and albendazole just in case, but didn't help.

Endoscopy showed I have slight oesophaegal erosions. Other than that I seem to be totally fine (on paper).

Help, guys, I'm so exhausted. There is no way I can get a job or basically live life like this.