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I'm assuming this is good news?

My hubby has been on LDN since the beginning of April. He noticed a change in his fatigue right away and the stomach problems went away as well for about 2 weeks, then a slight episode treated with some low dose steroid. Ok for another 3 weeks then a slight episode, but didn't take and LD steroid. The stomach episodes have continued to be spaced further apart and have been getting better and better....

My real question is this.. Before being diagnosed last september he has horrible D. It got better after dx and steriods and lialda. But it still wasn't "good". Since the LDN, his BM are more formed and almost normal looking..(he even takes pictures of them and sends the to me... LOL, he's proud of them)...with the occasional blip here and there.

Does that mean the LDN is doing its thing? Do you find that you can judge to a certain degree by your BM's?