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I'm Celebrating!!

Ok I KNOW this is a weird thing to post!! It's just this won't make a good FB status and I need to get it off my chest.

I am now pooping EVERY DAY!! Since the 3rd Remicade infusion!! Do you know how unbeleivable this is after years of chronic constipation!! I even had to stop the licorice supplements and stool softeners as they were "helping" too much!!

Jeez I know probably TMI, but where else can I talk about it :ylol::dance::canada_flag:
Not TMI, that's wonderful!!

There is no where else we can gripe or celebrate our bowel movements.

That's amazing the Remicade is helping so much! Wish you many years of regularity! :ylol:
Congratulations! You are right about the fb status! Lol! Plus, here you know we understand your excitement and can appreciate it!