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Im desparate, I need help, I havnt been diagnosed

Hi, I wondered if anybody could help. I have what I think could be crohns or maybe ulcerated colitis. Over the past 3 yrs I have had every test going and they can only find 2 small ulcers.

Over the last 7 weeks, I have had such bad diarahea, chronic stomach pain and lost 7lbs. My doctor said she cant help and my consultant just wants to put on steroids and says he cannot confirm either way what I have.

I permanently at the doctors, they think I am making it up and its like not you again!

Can anyone recommend any treatment or tests that they think might help.

Even if its is herbal, Im willing to try anything!!!
Hello Louise and welcome to the forum.
I am really sorry to hear you are been treated by your doc in such a manner
Normally your GI would put you on a course of steroids a long with other anti inflammatory drugs to help bring your condition under control...once they know what it is that is wrong with you.
Tests can involve blood sampling as well as a colonoscopy which involves what can be an uncomfortable experience, where by a small camera is used to see inside your colon..http://www.webmd.com/colorectal-cancer/colonoscopy-16695
Has your GI recommended any tests yet?

If your present doctor is not helpful...get rid of him and get another..
No doctor with any intelligence can ignore weight loss from a patient..
There will be plenty of help and support here...do read through some of the other threads..
Take care Louise...


What tests have you had?

Every colonoscopy,barium test(Small bowel),Sigmoid'scope etc never showed the active Crohn's that i had.The only test which gave conclusive results was capsule endoscopy.
I asked for it a few times but every time i was told i didn't need it.
I'd suffered for over 15 years with Crohn's - this was the only test which showed all my problems.
Easy for me to say but keep,keep looking for correct diagnosis until you get the answers.One pratt of a 'Dr' tried to fob me off with IBS after all those years of Crohn's(1 resection,1 fistulectomy).IMO he just couldn't be bothered with me.I went and got yet another opinion & the test i needed.
In my experience many gastro's are hopeless with Crohn's patients.

Hope you find your way to better health.
Stratford - I had a capsule endosopy and that is where they found the 2 small ulcers. I have had it twice along with colonoscopys, barium meal test, endocosopys, mri scans, i feel like a guinea pig!!

I get these wierd things wrong with me, itchy eyes, blisters on my lips, which itch, ulcers in my mouth, absess in my anus and the consultant always says you have no inflamation!!

I am thinking of changing my consultant!

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:welcome: Louisejayne I agree that you should change your consultant.. ignorance or not familiar with symptoms of IBD and then covering it with Prednisone because it helps a wide range of diseases and symptoms is just wrong. Whilst you are on Prednisone and you have tests done, it can give a false positive. You have all the symptoms of Crohns and hope you don't have it but better to know one way or another.

Btw some of us take months if not years to be fully diagnosed. Keep us posted on your new Gi, don't let anyone tell you it is all in your head...I just hate that. Good luck.


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Hi Louise, welcome to the forum. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. We have an Undiagnosed Club (under the "Support" section of the forum) - there are a lot of us on here who have had test after test but are still awaiting a diagnosis. I'm one of those people so I can relate! I agree with the others who said it might be time for a second opinion from a new doctor.

Feel free to join us in the Undiagnosed Club if you'd like - we are all in the same boat there and we understand what you're going through!