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I'm done Remicade

Well Friday I had my final Remicade. After 3 tablespoons, I can't remember the exact measurement equivalent, I had my third reaction to the stuff. My head started throbbing and pulsing, my throat also felt like it was pulsing, my chest felt very heavy, and I got real achy as if I had the flu. I was put on oxygen and they pumped saline through me which luckily got me back to normal because they had six steroids they were about to push through me. It's kind of amusing though because their was a lady across the hall who got really freaked out when I got extremely and had my girlfriend run out of the room to get the nurse. She's awesome. Anyways I just wanted to giive an update on my current state. I'm going to the GI Thursday so hopefully I can talk him into putting me on LDN, we'll see about that. I really don't want to stick myself with Humira. I would much rather a pill. I'm not really sick but I do need to have my rectum dilated so hopefully Thursday they do that for me and I'll be fine.
I'm sick of this crap right now. I'm in a bad mood today and I don't really know why. I'm also a bit nervous that I'm going to get another bad flare before next semester since that happened last year. I just want to get college over and done with. I hate this crap. Sorry for my rant but things are getting a little weird right now which I don't want to get into on the forum. I'm sorry I haven't been on here much but I just haven't felt like I could give any advice. I feel like I'm all drained from last semester. It was really only my English class which killed me too which doesn't even help me with my major. I'm sorry for ranting I'm really tired and drained feeling. Hope ya'll are all doing well. I still love Alabama. It's a great place although I'm nervous as hell about tornados. I wished I lived in the mountains near my girlfriend so I wouldn't have to worry as much about tornadoes. Anyways I'm praying for you all.

God bless

My Butt Hurts

That sucks Jeff. I'm sorry.
Humira shots are cake. No big deal at all. It gave me a really great remission. A short 4 1/2 month remission, but it was remission still. I wouldn't hesitate to try it if I were you. I know it's similar to Remi, but it still might work. I think you need 30 days between them, that's the way it was for going from Humira to Remi, anyways.
Good luck with whatever you choose.


ele mental leprechaun
Hey Jeff,

You have had such a rough time these past months and having to put the work in you have on all those assignments at the last minute when trying to catch up it really isnt surprising you are drained to the core on top of everything else you have going on!

I can understand why you feel as you do about a flare pre semester when you know a certain time of year is looming ahead too!

Take each day as it comes Jeff and you will manage through this time. Trying to think and look too far ahead can sometimes put way too much pressure on us as individuals.

Really hope things pick up for you treatment and health wise too. Dont worry about not being able to post - you know we are here when you are able to and we do understand honey.

Thinking of you and sending leprechaun ((hugs)) your way.
I was told LDN wasn't an option by 2 docs, they told me it's for lower level Crohns if it would do anything and I'm past that point.
hope things start looking up for you jeff.

i really really admire anyone who has the strength to be in college while flaring like you are. something i couldnt make the choice to do myself, so i find it very inspiring.
figured id let you know :)
Thanks guys for the support. Benson I hope things start picking up for you soon and let us know how everything is going.

Kello82 the thing is that I'm not really flaring. I feel perfectly fine. I don't have to sit down or lie down after standing less than a minute and I can play guitar as long as I want to. I have a tiny abscess less than a nickel in with and it only raises about a millimeter. It doesn't hurt at all either. I'm on pred just to make sure I don't flare up again and remicade is just there to keep my rectum from narrowing which after being on pred for a day I have just had my largest bm in about a month. In a few days when I can get all of the stool out I will go and dilate myself which will help me feel much better. College isn't too hard, the worst class has been English and that was because my teacher was a jerk but the other classes were not too bad. If you live near Tunxis community college you may want to try it as it's supposedly real easy. Sorry I forgot where you said you lived and I'm a little crazy right now on the pred.

Thanks guys.