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I'm going to get fired...

Missed too much work of late. Too tired to concentrate when I am there. I keep nearly crashing on the drive home from work because I'm exhausted,

I give up.
Join the club .. thanks Crohns ... you just cost me my job. I even got fired on my day off .. reminds me of a movie in the US called Friday

"How in the hell do you get fired on your day off?"

Sorry man =(


ele mental leprechaun
I am so sorry Creepy and Drew that you are both in this situation.

Its so unfair when we fight so hard each and every minute of the day.

Hope you both start to pick up healthwise soon and can work out what you want to do next.

((hugs)) to you both
So sorry to hear your news Creepy and Drew. Know exactly where you guys are coming from - I lost my job two years ago (pre-dx) because I was exhausted, had lost too much weight and looked so crap. It was so hard to take because I thought I was doing OK despite everything but I worked with customers and apparently some had commented about how sick I looked.
I could have fought it because of the discrimination but like I said I was exhausted and didn't have the energy.
I really hope you guys start to feel better and that somehow some good will come out of this. Thinking of you.
I had surgery lasst may got fired the day I came home from the hospital . Just have to keep on going .