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I'm going to the ER

Lynda Lynda

Since my PCP is not available to see me until 3 weeks from now, I am now going to the ER to have the ER doctors determine if I have an anal fistula or a rectal abscess.
I had an anal fistula in 1992 and two rectal abscesses ( 2002 & 2009. )
I had an anal fistulectomy ( or otomy ) in 1992.
And I had surgery for the rectal abscesses ( the first one was very painful with many ( pus pockets ? ) My previous fistula and abscesses formed very quickly, the first abscess caused extreme pain.
I'm really depressed and scared, as I haven't the money to pay for Hospitals, I have a temporary living situation for the next 6 months and I am all alone. I have to go to ER today because going there in weekends is a big wait in the waiting room and probably no surgeon to help me on weekends.
whew......really wish some of this could be simpler, do what you are told and things work out kinda stuff.....

surgery is scary for sure......i think i was a bit delusional before mine like i was somehow going to not need it......asking the nurse about her appendectomy procedure which was 100x simpler than what i was headed for.....thinking, man i dont think i could deal with that. hah!
she explained to me later, how ridiculous and what a loss of words she was at, which i found amusing and amazing.

for me.....it comes to like.......do what you can, and there is nothing to regret at least.....those things out of our hands only waste an energy we can better use...
i hope you feel better after hearing more information and having some idea of the next plan and what you need to do.. i know that really goes a long way. i am always considering how to utilize these unstable feelings....everything has value.
i wish for you connection to the strength inside you.


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I had anal fistulas when I was younger and they were extremely painful. I lived with them for over 20 years until a serious life threatening infection resulted in colostomy surgery. Following surgery the area greatly improved, fistulas are no longer the problem. The left over rectal area has inflammation that comes and goes, but has been manageable for the past 20 years. I wish you the best, and hope it does not come down to colostomy surgery, but if it does, the procedure offers an extension to life. Its not always easy but its worth it.
How did things go? I am so sorry you are in this situation. I don't have IBD, but did have an anal fistula in my 20s and it was so painful. If you have one I hope they at least drained it or whatever it was the surgeon did a week or 2 before I scheduled surgery. Thinking of you!

Lynda Lynda

It wasn't a fistula or abscess.
But I feel much better knowing that a doctor at the ER had a look at it.

The closest hospital to me just remodeled their ER department and wow it looks amazing. It's clean, comforting and the employees are pleasant.

Sidenote : I may need to "shop" for a new PCP though. He doesn't work on Wednesdays and also when I called for an appointment recently I was told he was not available for 3 weeks ! I need a larger PCP office with several doctors and a PA and an NP. I went to the ER to be checked for a fistula / abscess ONLY because my PCP was not available.

Take Care and have a good week. 🌹