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I'm having surgery April 7th

Hi everyone,

Well my surgery is scheduled for April 7th. I'm really excited about it - from what I have read and heard from other people is that it is the best decision most have made.

I have a really bad stricture at the iluem. I have had 3 balloon dialations and they have not helped at all. So that is why surgery is the best solution.

So what can others tell me about their experience post-opt? Recovery time? pain? How long you were out of work for?

I would just like a general idea of what to 'except' post-opt. Thanks in advance!

I'm excited for you to have your surgery!! Hopefully it will make you feel great!! After I had my surgery in November, (18" of small intestine, 1cm of colon removed)...I was surprised by how limited I was...but that was because they cut through your core to get to the good stuff. i couldn't laugh, talk loud, cough, sneeze (OUCHY)...it hurt to move. I stayed in bed, save for 15 minutes a day I would walk around my ward, for 8 days. When I returned home after the 8 days, I was stuck to my couch for a good 2 weeks. I would get up to go the bathroom, or to get some food, or change the DVD, and that was IT. haha. I was off work for 8 weeks, and I was feeling up to par about 2 weeks before I went back. I am still recovering now, though, and still have little cramps in the same area which my GI tells me are 'healing cramps'...but I feel SO much better.

One strange thing I noticed was that my 'trigger foods' are different now. Things I could eat with no problem before, I can't touch now, and vice versa. Couldn't eat ice cream before, can now...could eat chocolate all I wanted before, can't have ANY of it now...sad.

Good luck with everything!
My surgery was a little different, but this was my 4th surgery so I kind of knew what to expect. I had surgery Feb 9th and had a foot of my small intestine removed and about an inch of colon. I was in the hospital for only 4days, I was able to go for a walk around the ward the same day as my surgery. I felt great right away, but I had an epidural that was put in before surgery so that way my incision area would be numb to help with pain management (I highly recommend this). After I came home I still felt great a little tired but that was about it. My incision is also very long from my ribs to my pelvic area. I can't lift anything heavier than 5 pounds right now. I think they want me to be off work six weeks, but I feel like I could have gone back already. I guess everyone is different and it really depends how quickly you heal. Good Luck!!
7 days after surgery and I'm ready to go back to work.
My advise is to walk,walk,walk even after you come home. I feel good and I'm not tired at all.
Good luck!
I had a hand assisted lapropscopic ileocectomy where the surgeon removed one foot total of ileum and cecum. It was severely inflamed to four times a normal intestine. I also had a stricture and lots of inflammation but nothing else. I was able to walk the next day and felt more pain from the two IVs than the surgery.
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