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I'm New Here Too

Hi All, I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's. It all started about 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had constant diarrhea since and finally broke down and called the doctor about 8 months later. Talking to the doctor about problems with my bowels was not high on my list for fun things to do...LOL

Anyway after all the tests (and more to come), they have pretty much diagnosed me with Crohn's. It is hard for me to swallow since I have never been sick other than the occasional flu or cold. Plus to have the doctor tell me it is genetic and there is no one and I mean no one in my family who has this.

Hopefully I can find some insight and help here with this nasty disease.



Welcome to the forum Sunfire! Feel free to ask any of your questions here.

While it is widely agreed that there is a genetic component to IBD, many people believe that other factors are heavily involved. Specifically environmental factors can play a part (including potentially things you have come into contact with, the pollution where you live, the stress in your life and who knows how many other things!).

It is common for people to be the only person in their family (and often even the only person they know) who is affected by the disease.
hi Sunfire, welcome to the forum :) completely understand the feeling of bewilderment being told you've got Crohn's.. i think the title of Crohn's Disease makes it worse somehow..

you've come to the right place for info, advice and maybe more importantly, support. looking forward to seeing you around the place.. any questions, just shout out :)
Hi Sinfire, always remember there has to a first for everything, It just so happens to be you in your family, hope you feel better soon. Peggy
Hi Sunfire. I'm new here as well, and am also looking for resources and support. Your note sounded like you are feeling a lot like I am. Good luck to you.

Well I go tomorrow for a barium x-ray. A Small Bowel Follow Through they called it. Doesn't sound too fun. Not like any of these tests are fun.


Welcome to the forum Carolyn!!! I understand going from not really being sick at all & then all of a sudden you have something that will never go away. I hope the x-ray went well :)
carolyn welcome. they told me it was genetic as well and no one in my family has ever had this i've asked everyone so im still in research on it if i find anything ill be sure to let you know