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I'm new

Hey everyone!
i was diagnosed with crohn's disease in June 2010, and have been getting treatment ever since. The medications i have tried are Prednisone both orally and intravenously, Cyclosporine(which i am on now) Prednisolone which i am on now, Azathioprine, Flagyl, and i have tried Pentasa which i recently quit using. None of these treatments are able to keep me into remission, so the doctor is considering using remicade (infleximab), if anyone has used this before, please let me know your input on it! Also i have heard there are herbal ways to treat crohn's such as cayenne pepper capsules, slippery elm, and barley grass pills, has anyone tried these aswell?
Please let me know, and if you have any questions i would be glad to help:):wink:
hi Naddie, welcome to the forum :)

i can't comment on the remicade as i've not has this treatment, but lots of our members have, and we have a Remicade Club forum.... http://www.crohnsforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58

i'm sure you'll find loads of info in there.

not sure about those alternative treatments you mention - the one thing i would say is that if i've ever had herbal tablets (those great big ones) i've had bad tummy cramps afterwards & have had to give up taking them. maybe liquids might be better if you're really wanting to try something like that.
Hello Naddie and welcome to the Crohn's Forum! :)

I would most certainly give Remicade a try if your doctor recommends it.
It has worked wonders for a lot of members here.

Read, relax, ask questions and if you like just vent away...
Someone is always around to give you the support you need.

Welcoming hugs~Nancy


Hi Naddie
and welcome

Good luck with the Remi, lots of success stories in The Club!
Personally, I would steer away from herbal stuff for now, just concentrate on the new meds and see how you get on, cos they could interfere and cause more harm than good.
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Naddie...You have not tried 6mp, Immuron, Humira or Remicaide? These are some meds that have helped some of our crohnies friends...Good luck...And welcome! Sue
I have been on Immuran, but never Humira, Remicade, or 6MP, but doctor is considering remicade for me, since treatment i'm on now does not seem to be working