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Im new

Hello to you all, My name is Peggy, Ihave had Crohns for 23years, I cannot remember not having it any longer. I had a resection done 21 years ago, That gave me a near normal life, for afew years. The last 9years Ihave more or less constant pain in upper right and bottom right of my stomach, I have had every test in the book over this time but the Doctors say they cannot find any reason for this pain. The last reason was nerve endings from the operation that was done so long ago. I would be very gratefull if any of you could give your thoughts on this, as I feel as though I am beeing fobbed off. This pain stops me in my tracks Iam good foe nothinf, living on painkillersthat only take the edge of it. Co Codamol 30-500 and Tramadol. Recentley my gp has given me Dazapan to try and relax me. they help me to get some sleep,. Look forward to answers from someone. Thanks for reading this far. Peggy
Hi there Peggy. All I can think of is whether you can improve your pain relief by seeing some pain specialists?

Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum Peggy!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!! The "pain" factor is one of the worst parts of CD.
I saw a pain specialist several yaers ago, My consultant was going to speak to hom again to see if he can suggest anything else. I have tried all the normal lines IE Prednisolone, Asacol, Azathioprine with only minimal relief. I think myself the only course is to have another look inside. I also forgot to tell you my Husband is also a CD sufferer, he has had it longer than myself. Thanks for your replies. Hope we can gt
et to know eavh other abit more on this forum. Peggy

My Butt Hurts

Hi Peggy, sorry you're having such a rough time of it. All I can suggest is having a good look around here, maybe use the search option. There are some great threads on here about pain management, and maybe you'll read about something you haven't heard of.
Welcome to the forum, hope you start feeling better!
Thank you all for your answers, I see the G I cons in October at the local hospital, I rearly do not know what he is going to suggest then. If they could ease the pain so I can start living again it would be great. I myself think it may be adheisions from previous surgery, They say they cannot see any. So we wait again. Regards to you all, and stay feeling good. Peggy
hi Peggy & welcome :)

i was just going to suggest adhesions.. i know i still get a horrid pain under the left rib area even now, and my last surgery was in 1993 - have had numerous tests and scans done, and all the surgical team can come up with is "it may be adhesions".

i think sometimes, it's not just a case of adhesions sticking something together, but to me it feels like there is restriction like a tight band around something, and in my case it affects my diaphragm too. i guess after this long, i'm stuck with it (no pun intended lol), and it may be a similar thing going on with you too.

do you still have active Crohn's or has it been in remission since the surgery?
Hello Dingbat,thanks for your reply, I have had afew flair ups since the surgery, this has been sorted with a short sharp course of prednisolone, 60mg working down over aperiod of time. With this I get the puffed face, and a weight gain, always glad to come of them. Peggy
Peggy, I hope you can find some sort of relief. It just breaks my heart when people say they feel they're good for nothing :( I know how that feels but on the bright side things have to get better!
Hi all, I saw the GI doc on friday, He says scans do not show anything nasty, no inflamation, so no answers again. He did agree to my carring on with the oramorph as I am on a small dose but it helps a great deal. The only thing they come up with is nerve damage from previous surgery, No cure dor that, just pain control. Peggy