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I'm pretty sure my body hates me!

Hello all. This is somewhat of a vent, but I'm also looking for anyone who has experienced similar symptoms.

If you've followed me at all, you a know a little of my story, but if you haven't, I'll write a brief update.

I'm a 25 yo, have 2 children, sahm. We'd love to have another, but I need to figure out what's going on first. I was diagnosed with CD in 2008 while I was pregnant. I've been on all sorts of meds. The only thing that kind of worked was red, but with all the nasty side affects, I just wanted off, so I started to see a naturopath. It took a while, but things seem to be somewhat under control CD wise right now. No blood or mucous...maybe more constipation than anything. I had a colonoscopy in March which showed mild activity, though they could not get through to my small intestine because of tightening caused by scar tissue.

Now the problem is everything else! I have severe joint pain- seeing a
rheumatologist in July. My skin is completely breaking out...itchy, dry, rashes
all over my body, itchy eyes ( though I realize it's allergy season), numb arms
when I lie down, fatigue. This is all that I can think of right now, but I'm at my wits end!!

Any suggestions? I feel like there is something else wrong with me. I don't want to take strong meds, but I feel like I'm hitting a wall right now...


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Crohn's can/does affect other parts of the body. It can cause inflammation in other parts of the body like the joints and the eyes causing pressure/pain and it can cause rashes on the skin as well. http://www.webmd.com/ibd-crohns-disease/crohns-disease/tc/crohns-disease-symptoms Crohn's does cause fatigue as well, no doubt about that and a lack of certain nutrients will do that as well (such as being low on Iron and B12 etc.). Vit. B12 deficiency can also cause numbness. I'd suggest having some blood work done that checks your levels of iron and B12 along with usual blood panel to check for inflammation. If you are low on B12 and can't absorb it through supplements then you may be able to get a B12 shot. I have one done once a month myself. I'd contact your GI doc and let them know about your symptoms and ask them what they suggest. Also some people who have Crohn's don't have diarrhea and instead suffer from constipation. Having a narrowed bowel can cause constipation (along with other scary things like an obstruction which you do not want).

No one likes taking any sort of medicine. They all have side effects, none of which are good, yet there is one good thing about them. They keep us alive. People can and do die from IBD when it goes untreated. Doesn't mean everyone will but I know I wouldn't take that chance. Talk it over with your doctor. There may be something out there that you can take that isn't a big and scary drug yet keeps you in remission so you can continue caring for your little ones.


Hi Kirsten - I hear ya - the side symptoms can be just as bad as the regular Crohn's symptoms!

Remember to avoid NSAIDs for the joint pain! Good luck with the Rheumy - hope you can find something to help with the pain. Remicade and Humira are both approved for CD and RA so if you choose one of those for your Crohn's, it may help with the joint pain.

I'm with Crabby about getting your blood tested. I had severe numbness in my hands - but only when I was sleeping - before my surgery. I'm pretty sure it was due to B deficincies. I now take B12 shots 1x month also and take some vitamin drinks that are rich in Vit Bs every few days.

Good luck - hope you find a good treatment plan that has you feeling better soon.

- Amy


I have one that I got from Market America, it's their Isotonix line of vitamins & supplements. But it goes right thru me - like I should just pour it straight into my bag and bypass my mouth altogether!

The other is from Amway and it's their Blast energy drink. It has crazy amounts of Bs and seems to stay inside me for longer!