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I'm sick and I dont know what is wrong with me

Hello all. I'm 33 years old. Yesterday was my birthday. I wish I could be happier but I'm not. About a week and a half ago I noticed blood in my stool. Alarmed I did not go into work the next day (or since...). Then the diarrhea started. I had almost persistent diarrhea for a week. I've always had bouts of it, for years but this was especially bad and concerning. My bowels have for years made loud rumbling noises to the point of being audible in the classroom or at work. Some things like milk make it worse. I also have been experiencing deteriorating dental health in recent years.

So I went to the hospital and they took blood and urine. They said everything looked ok and to see the family doctor. The next day I did and he wondered why they didnt order and ultrasound. So I went around the block and had one done. As I'm leaving the doctor phones me and tells me to come back up. This was not a good sign. They had faxed over the results and it appeared that I had some kind of formation on my right kidney. So I immediately went to the hospital for a CT scan. Thankfully it came back negative. What they thought was a tumor was scaring from who knows what.

So they sent me to another doctor for a colonoscopy. I went and saw her today. As of the last 2 days my diarrhea and bloated feeling have subsided. We booked an appointment for March (!!!). Tonight the diarrhea has returned. I'm calling them tomorrow to see if they have any closer openings as my anxiety level is through the roof. I cannot sleep and quite frankly I'm scared. I dont know if what I have is crohns but it sure seems like it.

I dont know what to do. I just needed to talk (write) to someone. I feel embarrassed talking to friends about this. I'm really in a rough place right now. All my symptons point to crohns. I cannot wait 2 more months to know.

I'm scared.

Hi WingNut and welcome to the forum. I'm really glad you have found us, but I'm sorry it's because you are ill. You have come to the right place for people to talk to. Many of us have gone through what you are going through now and can totally sympathise. The worry of not knowing what is wrong and waiting for appointments, results etc is agonising and can sometimes aggravate your symptoms too.
I hope you are able to get an earlier date for the colonoscopy. But if not, hang in there. One thing you could while you are waiting is to monitor your food intake - keep a diary and note down if you think particular foods are aggravating your symptoms. Sometimes doing something proactive can help lessen the anxiety.
Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.


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Hello Wingnut
It can be an eternity waiting for tests especially when you are enduring such pain and discomfort.You have my sympathy.
There are some good hospitals in Toronto---have you been referred to St Michael's by any chance? It used to be a good place for GI.
It is a good idea to call the GI office and let them know if your problems become too severe for you to wait till March. I am sure someone would see you sooner.
Feel better soon.
Hugs and best wishes
Thank you for the welcome and the wishes. I really need the positive vibes right now I'm in a very bad place in not gonna lie. Trysha , I have not been to St.Mikes. I was at north York general and went to see a GI by the name of Dr.Mussleman downtown. She quizzed me on my symptoms and ran how they're gonna look inside me.

I just don't know if I can wait until March. Do they do colonoscopy at hospitals? Do I need my family doctor to send me or do I go to Emergency?


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Some hospitals have departments of Gastroenterology, St Michael's Hospital is one,St Joseph's is another that I know of--there will be others.I have no knowledge of North York.
Professor Jan Irvine heads the GI at St Michael's, she is exceptional and there is a very good system there.There are at least 4 GI specialists there and a very comprehensive department.No idea of their wait times though.
Before I moved I went there for GI for many years and was very well looked after.
You would need a referral from your family doctor.If you went to their ER chances are you could be seen by a GI person.
Feel better soon