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I'm slightly terrified now...


I was diagnosed with UC and mild proctitis December 2014. At the time I was relieved with the diagnosis as my symptoms (and Google) had me convinced I have the dreaded C word!

The doctors put me on oral pentasa and to be honest they gave me the impression my condition wasn't all that serious...
Oral pentasa never seemed to make much difference. Some months I would have no symptoms at all, other months lots of blood and mucus despite taking pentasa daily.

I still feel like my condition is mild compared to others I've read about. I don't suffer any pain, thankfully. Mainly my only symptoms are mucus and blood.

Fast forward to 2019 and my condition remains pretty much the same. Occasionally I have pentasa suppositories that clear up any bleeding in a couple of days. But for the most part I forget I even have UC. And feel very lucky that it's not ruining my life.

I'm writing this as I've just discovered this forum and now I'm terrified that I'm going to get worse and worse as time goes on...?!
Is there anyone who has remained in a mild state with this condition or does it always get worse for everyone? I'm frightened about what the future holds for me with this horrid disease :(


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Hi CherryPie,
Welcome to the forum
It seems as though your condition has been relatively stable for five years so something is working for you.
Nobody can tell you what the future holds we are all in a similar predicament.
However we can make the most of what we have and if your situation is a stable one
I would try not to fear the unknown...like chicken little afraid to cross the road,
Enjoy life one day at a time and make the most of what you have.
Kindest regards


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Hello and welcome.I agree with everything Trysha has said.I was d'xd with Proctitis in 2006 and have been pretty much OK since.I feel blessed compared to many people with I.B.D.I have learned to live with my symptoms over time,so as long as everything is OK for you personally I would just get on with life and not worry about something that might never happen.....long may it last.
Welcome CherryPie :) I was diagnosed with UC last year. One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that you probably won't hear as much from people who get a diagnosis and are getting on OK, I think most people who would come back to post regularly or share their experiences are doing so because they're seeking support and/or having issues and need to talk.
I agree with what's been said so far, it's not worth worrying about how bad it "could" become. Yes it could get worse, but it could get better, or equally it could stay the same :)