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I'm so very grateful for this site

Hi, I just got diagnosed with Crohns in my small intestine and I'm just in a fog..I've had a side ache for years but never really gave it any thought, always worked full time..cleaning hotel rooms & running round like a crazy person, so I always chalked it up to that..I feel like everything just stopped & so fast, went out for dinner for my dads 80th b-day & next thing I know my stomach is 12 months "pregnant" and the pain! I try to keep a smile on my face for my husband & daughter..my mom is on speed dial..I'm so depressed & then I feel guilty for feeling that way because things could be worse, I was put on asacol, then entocort, and now prednisone 40mg to see if that helps..I've never had the diarrhea, just the terrible bloating, nausea and constant side ache..afraid to eat anything..I'm just so confused and am excited to learn a lot and have somewhere to go..thanks for listening lol I tend to babble :)


Welcome and glad to have you join our supportive community. How were you diagnosed? Colonoscopy?

You should start feeling MUCH better soon from the steroids but will need a maintenance drug as steroids can only be taken for the short term due to their side effects.

Have you discussed other drug options besides Asacol and the steroids?
Hi valerie63:

Welcome! I too was just recently diagnosed with crohns. This site has been a god sent or me. Have learnt so much and I don't feel so alone. Since June my life has been such a rush so much to learn and so many changes. I'm making sure I have a good support team and this has really helped me, this site I feel is part of my support team. Hang in there and try to keep a smile on your face.:):)
Thank you!! I was finally sent for colonoscopy, it said mild Crohns in small intestines and also stenosis? Or is that the same thing? Uhh some much to learn..I still have so much to look up, now i can do it all here with you all :) I was switched to the pred 5 days ago because the entocort made me so sick, today is the first day my stomachs gone down a bit yay! I am supposed to go back to gi next week. I will keep smiling and send hugs back :)
I purchased the book crohns and colitis for dummies. Found it pretty good and helped me to be able to talk on an intelligent level with the doctors and understand what they say. It expanded on what I found on the medical sites but on a more layman basis. I'm also fighting type 2 insulin dependant diabetic which makes this a bit more difficult. I was really pleased to get back one of my diabetes test A1c and it is just about normal despite this bad flare I'm going through. Yeah for me! I'm also going to try the SCD diet as I think this may be the way for me to eat for both diseases. Makes sense for me as I know that carbs for me don't work. Lots and lots of changes but finally finding out what is wrong really explains a lot of problems that I have had over a long period of time. I even had a fistula two years ago that no one suspected crohns. Crazy!