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Im soon to be joining you - in shock still!

Brief history - i had an emergency ileostomy in 2009 which was reversed in nov 2010.

Since that reversal i have been very anaemic requiring blood transfusions and iron infusions.

Saw the surgeon yesterday who says its a stricture causing all my problems and it has to go (i also hve a capsule endoscopy stuck in there).

He then drops the bomb shell that as ive been on and off steroids for the past 6 months he wants to do a stoma as he feels the anastamosis would break down if he did a standard re-section due to the steroids.

Im kind of in shock - my life is bad at the moment so anything that gets rid of the problems has to be a good thing but the last stoma caused me a lot of problems although they were actually more to do with fistulas appearing next to the stoma site which then cause problems with bags sticking so those problems wont be an issue this time.


No doubt that was a bit of bombshell! And a week away! :yfaint:

Well, at least you can say you know what you are in for this time. Is it temporary again? Sounds like it is.

Sometimes it is the best thing to do, although frankly...it sucks. But, it does what it needs to do, and we all have to be pragmatic about our stupid bodies. Without Stan, I'd be dead. You cant keep suffering, you need to do what will make you well again. But the down time is the worst bit. Especially with a family to take care of.

Oh I wish I could give you a big hug...and of course offer to clean your house, but you are too far away!!!!
Terrienut - you really made me giggle there! I'll get the hoover out for you - im sure theres a train you could get!!

Downtime wise i am actually no use at all the way i am! I am in so much pain and so tired from the anaemia that to be honest im not exactly the hub of the home at the moment!

Im constantly saying no to my kids when they want to go anywhere and ive been like that fro 12 months now - i spend every evening lying on the sofa with a hot water bottle!

So i know my life is going to be me so much better after.

It is temporary - 6-9 months but if it behaves i may well keep it as my life after reversal has been terrible!

Im just about to post for a nice "shopping list" - gotta get excited!!

Oh - my first stoma was called Kermee (Kermit the frog) - i feel no.2 should have the same name but my mum thinks not - what do you guys think ?!


I think you can name your stoma anything you want! But this one may have a different personality.

I dont know if you've heard of 'Roomba'. You dont need to hoover when you have a Roomba. I got mine because of my hernia. And I found after surgery when I was flat on my back my partner wouldnt hoover. So I ordered a Roomba and life is great! I programme it to go every night and wake up to clean floors. The lower number models arent as expensive and do the job. There, I just got out of hoovering your house!!! :eek: (and so did you!)


So darlin' how are you feeling? Doing ok? We are here. You can private message us as well. We are rooting for you!
Hi Fruitloop, I'm very new to this site but having been through emergency surgery requiring a stoma three months ago, I just wanted to wish you all the best. To have one and then have it reversed and then have to have another one is just awful and I hope that you retain your sense of humour as god knows we all need one for the things that have happened to us all on this site. I am seeing my surgeon next week to see if it's possible for a reversal, but given I'm riddled with Crohns, which I've just discovered recently, it seems like a long shot. I'm so sorry to hear that your reversal made you worse. Can I ask where you have Crohns if you don't mind? I'm just trying to find out if there are people in a similar situation to myself. I've posted a bit of my story on the new posts site so hoping that someone will jump out and say hi!
Anyway good luck for your op, and let us know how your progress goes.
Hey FruitLoop! (I've always wanted to say that to some one without getting punched in the face--hahaha!!)

How ya doin'? The day is almost here. Like Misty said, we're rooting for you!!!
Hey fruit loop. I like kiwi have cd and an ileo and want to attempt to get a reversal. Been 7 months so far and feeling amazing. I had 80cm of large intestine removed. I'm wanting to find out how it has been post reversal? How often were you going toilet? Did you have urgency? Could you eat same foods as when you had stoma? Did you lose weight? Energy? Sorry for all the questions but I really want to try have the reversal and If it's no good then go back to having stoma which I'm fine with anyhow. Hearing other people experience Is a great help
Hi fruitloop, how you feeling? I know it is a shock but you said you can't do anything at the mo. well you will feel so much better afterwards. You will have your life bk:) I was exactly the same as you are now. Mine was nearly 8 months ago i'm feeling better than i have in a long time. Let's face it without mine I wouldn't be here now. Good luck and keep us informed. xx
Hi Fruitloop - (love the name:))

Just wanted to send my best wishes. I hope all went well with the surgery, and will be looking out for your update. Take care.
HEY FruitLooP.im sorry to hear of your situation,i was all set for visiting the surgeon last week and now they have totally done a u-turn after saying for months i was for a stoma that they dont want to because yests show i have no infection or inflamation but for the last 3 weeks ive been pissing out my arse and i know thats not for me,im passing blood and its making me very pissed off,so more tests this week before i go have a pow-wow and demand some answers.im unsure as to just tell them to operate and be done with it but not sure if something else is wrong that they cant put their finger on,ie colitis helicobacta(however its spealt) or woese still BC.so have a week to go before hopefully get some answers,im due a holiday in 2 weeks and im dreading going to majorca and being on loo-watch.might just keep the cork from my 1st bottle of rioja and shove it up my ass and super glue it in
hope you get sorted pal.oh and terrienut that offer for hoovering open to anyone lol


The lower end ones cost the same as a dyson. And they're a darn lot cheaper than a cleaning lady. I have a HUGE parastomal hernia, so my Roomba is worth every penny, as I cant hoover anymore, and have two dogs.