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Immunomodulators may not be necessary alongside stelara

In my experience, I used Stelara alone for a year, and then flared badly. After Methotrexate was added, I'm in remission again. But who knows for how long. I agree with the long term research. I think they tend to publish too soon.
National Institute of Health:
Frequent publication is one of the few powerful methods at scholar's disposal to demonstrate academic talent to peers. Successful publication of research brings attention to scholars and their institutions. This in turn may bring in more funding for the institute and also ensure an individual's progress through their field.
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I'm coming up on my one year mark on Stelara alone. So far so good. If I had to I might consider adding methotrexate, but I really do not want to go on azathioprine.
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No Not a bad experience. It's concern about risk. The risk of lymphoma induced by azathioprine goes up sharply after age 50 and way up even more after age 60. If I were say 30 years old I wouldn't be nearly as concerned.


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MTX is used at tiny doses for Crohn's - usually the highest dose is 25 mg. For cancer, it's used in much, much higher doses - like 1000 mg and up.

Neurotoxicity is not usually a concern at the doses used for Crohn's. The common side effects are nausea, fatigue, mouth ulcers. They can be treated with Zofran (for the nausea) and folic acid for everything else.