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Immunosuppression and exercise

For those of you that are on immunosuppressants (specifically, I will be on Imuran and Remicade), do you find that excessive exercise compromises your immune system?

I will begin taking these drugs for the second time (after 5 years of remission, went off them b/c TTC). I don't remember that I had any issues with a compromised immune system in the past, but I am hoping to run a marathon in the fall and am wondering if my body will hold up to the stress.


I would think that you should be fine as long as your illness is under control. That said: if you were on Remicade before, there's a high chance that in the time since you've been off of it you've developed antibodies to it. Try to get a test for it as soon as you can, because you may have to switch to another biologic (like Humira) instead.


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Hi cookie. I commend you. I'm on Imuran and starting remicade soon. I walk and have been encouraged to do so by my GI. I can't see any reason to not push yourself and build up to a marathon. (but I'm no expert). As my strength increases so will my activity level. My goal is to start krav maga this summer.

Best wishes.
@theOcean- I am getting tested tomorrow for the antibodies. If I can't do it, I will be doing Humira.

@DJW-Thanks for the reply. My GI also encourages me to exercise. I don't think I would be able to get along with out it...it does so much for my mental state, which, we all know, can take a beating with this disease. I guess finding the balance between what is enough and what is too much is the key. Bets of luck with the krav maga!


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As long as you are physically fit and well enough, exercise shouldn't be a problem....I've been a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years, worked in pretty physical jobs too...the only thing that has slowed me down is having issues with my disease - I don't do anything differently since I started Remicade.