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Immunosupression Question

So, I am starting Imuran but am freaked out about being immunosuppressed. I was wondering if anyone had to make significant changes to their daily life to avoid catching things- colds/flu etc.

To top this all off I work as a Medical Laboratory technologist, which means I am exposed to biological hazards in my work, never mind all the co-workers who come in sick.

I was also told to avoid live virus vaccinations and people who have had live virus vaccinations( for how long I don't know).

So tell me some good news OK!!

Thanks for everyone's support, I know I am probably over-reacting
I have been on both remicade and imuran in the past and I have weathered cold and flu season with no real issues. I tend to get over sickness just as well as the rest of the family, sometimes faster, and sometimes just a little bit slower.

My kid is starting preschool soon, and I am interested in how that is going to go.


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I've been on Imuran for 20 years and have not noticed that I catch more colds or flu since being on it. I have got the flu shot for the past 14 years.

Not sure if having a little person in the house will change things.
I'd just be sure to stay away from people who are sick and always be sure to wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes or face, as that's the easiest way to get yourself sick. Also just because you're going on an immunosuppressant doesn't necessarily mean your immune system is completely shut down, my white cells and such are all within the normal range and I'm on Humira.


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Both of my kids are on Imuran and they haven't made any changes to their daily routines or sport etc, but I do tell them to be more aware of handwashing as they attend school and university. I haven't noticed any increase in infections above the norm to anyone else in the family or community.

Dusty. :)

I've been on Imuran for 1.5 years. Two months after going on it, I did get an awful, awful flu, and was very sick for a good 2 weeks (ususally I shake off anything in a day or two). But since then, I've had no more illnesses at all, even volunteering at my daughter's elementary school and being room mom last year. I am really, really careful about washing my hands, but that's the only precaution I take.