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Improved Health on Asacol

I've been in a mild flare up since about May or June of last year; cramps, loss of appetite, a drop in weight, fevers, fatigue. The only medication I was on at the time was remicade, which does a good job of keeping me well, unless I experience prolonged stress.

Because of the cost of asacol and not having any insurance my GI was unable to prescribe me asacol and when I got worse I was put on prednisone, which helped improve me to be able to function, though I was still in a mild flare up.

I was recently able to get insurance and start taking asacol at 800mg, 2 pills, 3x daily. Soon after I started taking asacol my health started improving. My cramps subsided a great deal, my energy returned, and my appetite increased. I am feeling better than I have felt in months.

I still experience cramps ranging from very mild to severe, but no where near the frequency I did; and even in remission I still experience cramps from time to time.

It is difficult to say whether or not I have had any side effects from asacol. According to the side effects listed here, any of the side effects I would be experiencing are also symptoms of my crohn's.

This is not the first time I have been on asacol. I was on it when I was a teenager, when I was first dealing with Crohn's after my diagnosis. Just as before it improved my state of health a great deal and I believe that with its help I will be in complete remission again soon.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.It's really good to hear you are much improved while using Asacol.Long may it last.Any positive news is welcome on here,so please keep us updated.Of course we all know that what works for some doesn't necessarily work for others,but all good news is welcome and interesting. Best Wishes.
Good to hear Asacol is working for you, Stew. It started working for me about one month after being diagnosed with Crohn's and at that time, also following a low reside/low fiber diet. I still try to follow a low fiber diet as it seems to work for me. I'm *sure* Asacol is keeping me in remission!!

I also take Vitamin D supplement - there's great articles that says it's good for those with Crohn's, just google it. My doctor also recommended Folic acid / B12 - also good for Crohn's.

I found that some liquid meals / snacks (protein powder with almond milk and banana) seem to also help. And I stay away from nuts, seeds and high fiber food. I think these things along with Asacol has really helped improve my health in dealing with Crohn's.