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improvement after taking Entyvio

After years and years of trying to improve my Crohn's with diet changes I finally decided to start a doctor recommended treatment. This wasn't an easy decision for me as I am very reluctant to follow medical advice if not supported by enough evidence. In case of Entyvio, based on the clinical studies published on their website it is only 17% better than placebo. It just didn't make sense to me to go through one year+ of injections and risk side effects with such a small chance of getting into remission. There were lots of factors that made me change my mind, but one of them was reading this forum and getting advice from other members.

I am glad I did. I am after my 3rd shot and already feel an improvement. I haven't done my bloodwork yet, but I do feel way better. Not 100% back to normal, but hopefully this is just the beginning. Anyway, just wanted to share my story....
I have taken most meds , and no help, until entyvio ,because of insurance ,I only got 2 doses,,but, that got rid of all my issues for over 4 years,, thats is aMIRICLE med..........
I'm a 62 years old male who was recently been diagnosed with Crohn's. I knew something wasn't right for years but it was finally conclusive after multiple CT Scans and a colonoscopy. My GI doctor recommended I start Entyvio next month. I am skeptical and also not that impressed with how it is little more effective than a placebo. Not sure what to do... Are the risk greater than the rewards? Not sure yet...
Reward are greater than risks I think.
If you start a biologic treatment like entyvio, you’ll have periodic check up to prevent the risks, so you’ll be under control. That’s not the case if you dont follow any treatment.
But you should discuss the options on the table with your GI or another one to get a second opinion and have a clearer view of risks and rewards