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Imuran and Horrible Nausea

Does anyone else have trouble with Imuran and nausea/stomach pain?

I'm currently taking 2 and 1/2 pills a day, but about 10 minutes after I take the pills, I start getting horrible stomach pain. It feels like someone kicked me over and over!
I had awful nausea, vomiting and headaches when I was on Imuran... I was on 2 pills a day (50mg pills = 100mg/day). I only took it for about 3 weeks before the side effects made me stop. How long have you been taking Imuran?
imuran made me really nauseous if I took the pills all at once. Try splitting them up throughout the day. If that does not help, I would talk to your GI.
I was Imuran for about a month before the doctor took me off b/c of the nausea and my blood count dropped dramatically while on it.
I am also currently on azathioprine (and pentasa), 100mg a day and I have experienced pretty bad vomiting. I started off taking the pills in the morning, after food but I'd just bring it all back up again and spend the day feeling really nauseous. I have since switched to taking the medication in the evening to try and avoid this.

I have experienced a worsening of symptoms whilst on azathioprine, got admitted to hospital for 4 days after extreme bouts of pain. Other than that I've also noticed my hair is thinning.

I've tried to persevere with the treatment, has almost been 8 weeks now, but I'm not sure how much more I can take. I really don't like to complain but it seems it isn't going so well at the moment with everything.
Well this isn't promising. I started Imuran about a week ago, and twice in the past week I've woken up in the middle of the night (I take it at bedtime) with horrible stomach pain. My stomach hurts right now (though it's 24 hours since my last dose), which is why I logged on here to post about it or look for a post about it. Wonderful! I put a call into my GI this morning but haven't heard back yet. I hope he calls tomorrow, I'm afraid to take it again.

Now, for those of you with side effects, did they start right away or gradually build up? Because I definitely feel worse than I did a few days ago and if it's from the Imuran I want to get off it ASAP before things get any worse.
Still haven't heard back from my doc. I feel like I'm trying to move a stone through my intestines, I'm nauseated, achey, and I'm so tired I can barely move. Does that sound Imuran-related?
well i never had that problem so i cant offer any advice.
but good luck to you AgB. let us know how it goes ok?
i hope it gets figured out