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Imuran and skin tags/warts?

I am in week 4 of starting azathioprine (Imuran).

I ran across the same website while researching the drug. It sounded like a lot of people had skin issues.

So I would be curious also if others have had issues relating to warts, skin cancers, tags, etc. while on aza?

I always think though people that are having issues (or unhappy with the results) tend to post on the internet more. So for that 1 person that had warts how many people haven't. Same with researching the cancer risk of aza. I kept hearing it doubles your risk. That sounds really bad and had me freaked out. But then I found a presentation on the Crohn's Foundation website that shows absolutes. So it goes from 2 in 10,000 to 4 in 10,000 for the one lymphoma. That doesn't sounds as bad.....

A co-workers wife has been taking aza for over 5 years for Crohn's. She has minimal side effects from the drug.

My side effects so far were 24/7 nausea when starting a 175 mg dose. Called GI after a week of fighting through it and he scaled it back to 50 mg. Then increasing 50 mg every two weeks until I hit 150mg. I am at 100mg now and still get nausea but it passes now. My WBC count dropped below 4 to 3.9 on my first draw though so I'll see what todays draw comes back as. I am somewhat concerned about this.
I would assume this would be due to the suppression of the immune system, thereby leaving the body less capable of fighting herpes viruses (the ones that cause warts and skin tags).

I've had issues with precancerous lesions on my cervix, but its just because my body can't clear them as easily. They mostly just have to keep an eye on them. I'm currently taking 250mg.

I've not had any facial warts or things like what that link shows and I've been on it for a year and a half. I've been fine so far except for the effects of a suppressed immune system.
I've been on Imuran for almost a year now and was so freaked out about the cancer side effect that I totally ignored all the other ones :). But I have developed a couple of really disgusting skin tags while on it, and one wart. None are visible, all on my torso (except the wart, which is between my toes). I need to see a dermatologist soon and am going to ask him to snip 'em all off. Other than that, I've been fine, no side effects, on 150 mg.
My son was diagnosed with Crohns in 2007 and he started Imuran in early 2008. After being on it for two years he had developed all kinds of warts on his hands and fingers. Some were very painful. We tried freezing at the derm's and commercial applications and freezing and nothing would touch it. He's been off the drug for six months now, and the warts are slowly disappearing. Not sure what his white count is right now, but he's due in the next few days for a draw. The only reason we decided to go off the imuran and try to stay off was our GI had a patient develop and die from lymphoma. Was enough to make us try and see if we could do without maintenance drugs for a bit. So far, it's worked.