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Imuran as a maintenance drug

So I just saw my GI doc. The first visit since I saw him when I was in the hospital. All went well, he thinks I'm doing well. He wants to get me off Predisone, which I am totally on board for. Right now I'm on 20mg and we're tapering off slowly over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, he wants to keep me on Imuran (75mg) for a period of time. I have no idea what this period is. Is it forever? My case of Crohn's is a severe one and I really like feeling better and I am in no way wanting to stop all meds and flare up again. But the idea of being on a drug forever freaks me out.

The thing is that I want to have a baby soon. Not now but soon. I'm 34 and we were supposed to start trying this summer. I know that's going to have to be put on hold for now but whenever it's ok to try, I want to. I keep reading all these warnings about Imuran and pregnancy. This scares me.

Anyone only on Imuran? How long has it been? Is it ok? Anyone have any healthy babies while being on Imuran?

Hi redapple,

Welcome to the forum. I have been on and off Imuran for the past few years. I am also on Lialda, which is mesalamine (same as Asacol, Pentesa). I think that to be more of a "maintenance" drug, but I know it's not been too successful in treating severe Crohn's. My advice to you would be to stay on the Imuran until you are certain you have achieved a satisfactory level of remission, then maybe switch to a form of mesalamine.

As far as the pregnancy thing goes, I am in the same boat as you. I am 38 and want to have a baby, but my GI said not to think about it while on Imuran. I have talked to other doctors including my OBGYN who have said it is ok. I have not been trying NOT to get pregnant, but also have held off on aggressively trying because I have gotten mixed info on the Imuran. My GI doc also feels like your body has a way of knowing if you are healthy enough to have a baby and I kind of agree to a certain extent. I haven't gotten pregnant thus far, so I guess that's a sign.

Sorry if that did not answer your question...it probably confused you even more!
I haven't gotten a period since diagnosis (lost 20 pounds so that is def. why). It's just crazy to me to think that i could be on something that I will have to get off of before I conceive. Then breast feeding. Are any drugs safe while pregnant, not really!

I guess I expected him to say that I could just get off everything. Naive yes. I guess I was in denial about the severity of my disease.

I have been on Imuran for 20+ years and had 3 healthy children. Just a low dose of 50 mg back then. I did have gestational diabeties. My first born was over due, but my last 2 were in distress. Induced at 37 weeks for them both. I had no amnoiotic fluid left.
I took Immuran for a year and when I stopped taking it I remained in remission for 3 more years. Its up to you, really. If you decide you want to risk it than go ahead. I would have a maintainance plan for when you stop meds in regards to diet, vitamins and supplements.

I have found this video/article to be very informative in regards to crohn's, trying to conceive, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


I hope to start trying for a baby in the fall so I know the concern you feel.
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