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Imuran/Azathioprine and Diarrhea

One week into Azathioprine and I have my fingers crossed. One question I had, though, is about the "possible" side effects, especially diarrhea. Has anyone experienced this? If so, did you continue taking Azathioprine and the D went away? Like many others here on this forum, I have a very sensitive GI tract, and I can just see this as a possibility for me.
Hi Tom. I had a fair bit of nausea when I first started taking it but no D. Hope it works for you with no ill effects.
I've been on 175mg of Azathioprine for 9 months now. Haven't experiences much side effects besides a bit of nausea if I don't eat enough before I take it. I have diarrhea less often and Im able to eat and drink stuff, like coffee without having to run to the bathroom.
You could be have an reaction to aza and that is what happened contact your doctor or IBD nurse or it could be a side effect anyway I would contact them as soon as posible. Have you been having your bloods checked? and did you have a TPMT?? test sorry I always get the letter on this the wrong way round.