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Imuran...Black moles

Hey everyone, I have been on and off imuran (150mg) at weight of 128 which is quite high of a dose. I have been on it for about almost a year now, and it is barely working.
A couple of months back I have noticed many small dot like black moles on my skin and I go quite scared as I got out in the sun a lot.
The question is if these moles (god forbid) are cancerous, will switching to another drug stop its progress or reverse this skin damage?
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I’m really sorry you are dealing with this. It sounds like you should see a dermatologist.
Hopefully the dots are non cancerous and nothing to worry about, but only a dermatologist can know for sure and if (God forbid) they turn out to be something serious, you can deal with it earlier rather than later.
Sending a hug!