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Imuran Fails Spectacuraly!!

Well, that was fun - NOT!!

Started out 50 mg per night - ok no problems, bloodwork fine, no headaches or nausea.

Upped to 100 mg per night - ok no problems, no headaches or nausea

THE DAY I was supposed to get bloodwork done and up dose to 150 mg
------BIG PROBLEM----------Acute Pancreatitis

Acute Pancratitis feels like some has a knife through your abdomen just under your diaphragm and keeps moving it around - very similar to gallstone pain.

I spent two days in Emerg being dosed with morphine and fluids, and two more days in a room as well. My veins suffered alot with IV's, bloodwork this time and I hope they recover. Apparently all they can do for Acute Pancreatitis is lots of fluids and pain medication - no anti infalmmatories or anything to help. Dr described it as having a burn.

This has been my worst hospitalization so far as pertains to nursing care - at one point they started refusing me the morphine while I was still in Emerg and still in great pain. I hadn't slept more than 1 hour at a time in 36 hours and was at the end of my rope, when they promptly refused my meds I promptly completely broke down and freaked out - crying, wailing sobbing very loudly - and promptly some sleep meds and morphine showed back up. I had one nurse come in and call me Shelley and when I said - I have been here two days and you can't get my name straight, well I never saw that nurse again - mind you she was coming in to give me medication and I thought she should at least know my name!!!

So now back to the drawing board. I have a couple of weeks to make up my mind where to go from here. I can try the Mexotrethate(sp??) or go up to Remicade. Understandably, I am slightly leary of medication right now. I have been on Entocort for almost 3 months and since I am only supposed to use it for 6 months I have to decide soon so I can be up to therapeutic levels of anything new before I have to wean off the Entocort.

I realy don't know what to do, I am getting so much pressure from family to try alternative methods before using such heavy medications. Although I am not sure Colloidal silver is looking so awful right now!!(kidding) I am worried about burning through all the good meds just 2 years after diagnosis.

And I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Thanks once again for listening everyone.

Oh I had a grand time with Imuran induced pancreatitis. Do you know who else gets pancreatitis? Chronic alcoholics! Guess what the ER staff assumed I was when I showed up in acute pain with a raging fever and sleep deprived? You guessed it!

I was left on a gurney without fluids and pushed out into a hallway for 11 hours, almost delirious, and left to "sober up". When I came to, I checked myself out and went to a better hospital where I was admitted for a week.
I did get the how much do you drink and what drugs have you done questions as well. They all also wanted to say I had a gallstone that was blocking the pancreatic duct and that was the cause of the pain. I had my gallbladder out in 1997, so I don't think that's a possibility, but every doctor wanted that to be the answer - even when I reminded them I was only two weeks into Imuran and I was sure that's what was causing the problem. I remember 4 doctors all going through the same routine, could have been more just the morphine makes things a little hazy.
The sad reality is that doctors are actually not that bright. With a few shining exceptions, doctors are mostly highly trained technicians who try to apply a template to every patient. Only really good specialists break this mold for the most part. There are few truly excellent generalists. I go to one and I hope he lives forever.
Sorry for you folks with the panceatitis, and Muppet??! What a truly horrendous experience. My side effects died down and I've been OK and feeling better, but might be cos of the healed fistula. But they say here (hospital) that it's not working and after waking during colonoscopy, I saw the yukky mess that's in there at the mo.
Seeing that made me a lot less reluctant to start Remi 6 months after diagnosis.