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Imuran has been excellent

Hi all

I was diagnosed about five years ago now, in my mid 50s, with "mild to moderate" CD. Prior to that I had the usual excruciating symptoms and had lost around 12 kgs in six weeks. It was actually a relief when the doc told me what it was because he had, at first, thought it was late stage bowel cancer.

Then it was 40mgs of Prednisone which worked like a charm - until I tapered to 6mg then it came back with a vengeance. So it was back to Prednisone for a while which was tapered and replaced with 200mg Imuran. Since then, apart from fatigue (I'm not sure if that is from the CD or the Imuran or both) I've been symptom free.

I also tried the Specific Carbohydrate diet but it had absolutely no effect.

I thought my story might be of interest to those wondering if Aza is effective - to me its been fantastic, it gave me my life back.
Hi there! Imuran has been a great part of my treatment plan as well! I went too long undiagnosed and had to have surgery to remove some irreparable damage. However, I currently maintain remission with remicade and imuran while I'm also tapering off of prednisone.

I'm so glad that you've found something that is working!